By - June 7, 2012

Obama Is Causing Polio

Obama is in serious re-election mode and to accomplish his goal he must prove he is tough.  Obama is actively selling himself as the Clint Eastwood President, but what price is to be paid for this proof?

The Obama administration is actively leaking secret information to show Obama is a tough President.  The latest comes at a great price but not to worry, Obama and the Main Stream Press don’t care.

We have all heard the leak about the Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA get bin Laden’s DNA to prove he was in Pakistan.  After the Obama administration leaked the information about Dr. Shakil Afridi, Pakistan officials arrested the doctor and later sentenced him to 33 years in jail.  Did Obama or Secretary Hillary Clinton try to free the doctor or lobby for his freedom….NO! He will sit and rot in jail while Obama seeks re-election.

Dr. Afridi was running a “vaccination” clinic that was really obtaining DNA samples.  The pain inflicted by Obama’s admission doesn’t stop with Dr. Afridi.  Pakistanis have be suspicious of US lead vaccination clinics to start with, all inflamed by radical clerics within Pakistan.  The leak from the White House gives those clerics reason to say they have the proof that the US isn’t there to help them.  Pakistanis believe the US is there to gain information for the CIA and are refusing to get their children vaccinated, all because Obama couldn’t keep his big mouth shut.  Now there is an epidemic of polio racing through Pakistan, leaving many children needlessly paralyzed because they are refusing to get their children immunized against polio.  Some of these children will die, as their lungs become paralyzed.

What cost is worth paying to look tough, Mr. President?  How many children must die from a preventable disease?   All the efforts of the World Heath Organization will be worthless, if they can’t get vaccinations to the people in Pakistan.

Score update: 1 doctor jailed

hundreds of children possibly suffer from polio

chance to look tough in upcoming Presidential election, Priceless!

Mr. President your looking more like Scorpio than Dirty Harry

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