By - June 20, 2012

The Left’s Love Affair With Terrorist

The Muslim Brotherhood has won the Presidency in Egypt and in response the Egyptian military has attempted to consolidate power within it’s own ranks.   In the face of this, the Left in America are apoplectic.  The democrats, who are specialists at getting dead people and dead dogs to vote along with Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler (see Wisconsin recall list) are supporting the election for the Muslim Brotherhood.  None other than Jimmy Carter, election specialist who sees nothing wrong with 100% of the people voting for Saddam Hussein, is raising the red flag over this power grab by the Egyptian military.

What is so bad about the power grab by the military?  There seems to be questions as to the legitimacy of the election of the Egyptian lower house, which the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood gained control of.

Egypt now has two completely divergent factions attempting to lead the country now.  First there is the military which is trying to consolidate some of the Presidential power within the military hierarchy, then there is the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood who has vowed to rule under Sharia Law and ignore past treaties with the Israel.

The Obama administration, long ago, let it be known they support the Muslim Brotherhood (click here to see my prediction of the current Egyptian situation and Obama’s love for them, a prediction made on Feb 9, 2011) and have been having meetings with the Brotherhood.  These meetings were supposedly to expand opportunities for small and medium sized business’.  Do we do business with organizations that support terrorism?  The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent of Al-Qaeda and Hamas.  Do we court favor with a group that is truly at war with women?  Isn’t Obama squarely against that?  The Muslim Brotherhood isn’t, women are second-class citizens.  Didn’t Obama say he supports Israel?   Israel is now lining up tanks on the Egyptian border, because they know the Muslim Brotherhood is for the destruction of Israel.

Compare the Muslim Brotherhood to the Egyptian army.  Most of the Egyptian generals were trained in the US and are still loyal to the US.  These are generals who are not fans of Sharia Law and would honor the peace treaties with Israel.  The Egyptian military would possibly add stability to Egypt and maybe have a stabilizing effect in the Middle East overall.

So is it so bad that the Egyptian generals are wrestling control away from extremist Islamics?  According to the democrats it is, making me wonder…why the love affair with terrorist?

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  1. Yoda says:

    Kudos Red State:

    Should our great leader get four more years there will be a crescent moon flag flapping over the White House.

    “Obama Pledges Billions Dollars to Islamic Terrorist Organization:


    Right on Red State – WRITE ON!

    Respectfully, Yoda

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