By - June 27, 2012

The Power of Love Holds Back Dem On Holder

A contempt vote on Eric Holder is being held on Thursday.
Mr. Holder’s time to cooperate with the congressional oversight committee has expired and judgement is at hand.  He has been an uncooperative witness from the beginning and now prefers to hide behind the presidential shield of executive privilege.  He has that right but when he testified that the president “knew nothing about Fast and Furious” and we are not talking about the Vin Diesel films, that means he can not use the presidential powers because the president was supposedly “not” involved in this attack on the Second Amendment.
At first, the democrat playbook said to make this a purely republican attempt to muddy up the waters before the 2012 election, but a new narrative may play out now.
The NRA has identified vulnerable candidates across the nation and have begun advertising informing their constituents  about the situation in Washington concerning the Attorney General.   In Utah, Dem. Rep. Jim Matheson has announced he will vote for the contempt citation against Holder.  This is BIG!  This is not the work of the NRA.  What would cause any democrat (especially a mushy middle one) to turn their back on the party of Pelosi and do this? Next the local Utah news stations will be reporting that he too is skipping the Democratic convention in September to do the important work of the people!
Could Matheson be having trouble in his state?   The latest poll showed Matheson has a 15 point lead over his rival Saratoga Springs Mayor, Mia Love.  Can we believe this poll?  Does Jim’s internal polling show something else?   Why do I ask?   Matheson is going to vote against Holder, which completely changes the democrat party defense, that being: Republicans are just being partisan and offensively so, possibly even being racist going after Holder.  This move by Matheson has opened up the door for more democrats to jump ship now and will force the democrat party to either bail on Holder or find a completely different defense.  Why would any democrat turn their back on their party, especially when they have a 15 point lead, unless that’s not completely true.
Matheson is running against Mia Love , a race that will attract the attention of the nation, and I believe that is the reason behind his decision.  Love, a relative unknown to the nation, is an unapologetic conservative with a quick wit, beauty, and intelligence.  The Saratoga Springs mayor bested two well known state lawmakers to get the republican nomination.  Mia is extremely likable and easy to relate to, making her a people’s candidate and very dangerous to a a well informed electorate. Utah’s newly redesigned  4th congressional district will ultimately decide on a woman with a mission to promote jobs, energy, and smaller government or resend a six term Washington insider who can no longer relate to his own constituents.
Election night will be electric.  We have a very similar situation here in Nebraska with  Deb Fischer .   A relative unknown is going up against the democrat’s heavy weight and favorite 911 Commission protector of the Clinton protection legacy, the liberal socialist Bob Kerrey.  And I thought the republicans were having a war on women.  Looks like the democrats should look in the mirror.
It might be “Love” that is making Matheson vote against Eric Holder, love for his job and Mia Love!

Running for Congress for all the right reasons.

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  1. Robert says:

    I hope we could select the best candidate. It’s not about influence and it’s a matter of serving the public I guess.

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