By - July 23, 2012

Is Mexico taking over America or is it the reverse?

In the last week Obama has expanded welfare in two ways and maybe for two different reasons.

Obama’s latest move was to partner with Mexico to boost food stamp participation obviously among the illegal aliens from Mexico.  States like California are going broke (or already are there) covering welfare for illegal aliens, but Obama is trying to expand welfare to Mexicans who haven’t even made it to America yet.  I don’t understand why we use the coast guard to stop Cubans, but supply border crossing Mexicans with food stamps and absentee voting ballots?

We have your car surrounded!

Is he using this to pull another ethnic group into complete government dependency?

Government dependency started with the Native Americans.   The government, feeling guilty for killing and rounding up various Indian tribes decided they would take care of the Native American population on the reservations.  For the Native American this has turned out to be a complete disaster!  Their innovative spirit has been crushed.  Native Americans gave us lacrosse ( the elite media invented the Duke lacrosse team rape), kayaks, snowshoes, and some fun casino games.  Today, as an ethnic group, they lead the US in poverty, diabetes, and alcoholism.  All independent spirit or initiative has killed by complete dependency, unless you count  cheap cigarettes and casino gaming.

After experiencing a complete failure with the Native Americans, the government started their “War on Poverty” under President Johnson, aimed at the Afro-Americans.  Forty years into this war we have the same percentage of poverty as we did when the program started but what is worse is the dependency it has created especially among the Afro-Americans.  The poverty rate among the black population is at 36% as of 2010, being the highest rate among all races however the Hispanic rate isn’t far behind at 35%.  Add to that the 72% single mother births among the black community with a great majority of those being on welfare (69% of unwed mothers of all races are in the poverty range).  Poverty has become a vicious circle in the black community now, exacerbated by welfare.  The government has become the bread winner for poor households, so there is no reason to worry about a stable family with the traditional marriage anymore and the government will give you more money for any additional children you have.  Is it any wonder the single mother rate is as high as it is among all ethnic groups?

This is the democrat dream!  Those who are dependent on the government vote democrat because it is the democrats that make welfare easier to get and easier to stay on.  What a better way to make sure you will always be in power, but to create your own voting block and expand it to be as large as possible.

Now we have the Native Americans and the Afro-American communities largely dependent on the government, now it’s time to add another ethnic group- the hispanics.

Obama’s first move last week, was to gut welfare reform.  This takes away the work requirement within the reform passed by President Clinton.  Now welfare recipients do not have to prove they are trying to work in order to receive welfare checks, they can simply lay on their couches and wait for their welfare check.

Some people believe this move was to increase votes among the welfare recipients, however that doesn’t make sense.  People on welfare were not going to vote for Romney if the reform was not reversed nor were they going to turn out in any greater numbers without the reversal.

This move was about revenge.  What was Bill Clinton’s signature achievement during his Presidency?  Welfare Reform! Bill has been working behind Obama’s back to make sure he doesn’t get re-elected.  I believe the gutting of welfare reform was a poke in Bill Clinton’s eye.  Obama was flexing his Union inspired thug muscle.

Obama is trying to remake America in his image, and judging by the numbers he is succeeding.  Using the bully-pulpit, a willing media, and add a ill- informed populace, he has steadily increased government dependency and is getting rid of rival’s legacies.

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