By - July 20, 2012

Liberals Elites: Do Fat Women Vote Romney?

In a world that is politically correct on most anything offensive (outside of attacking Christians and Jews), the mostly liberal publication, The Daily Beast through author Rebecca Dana, asked: Do fat women vote Romney?

The Daily Beast teases the article with the above question, while the actual title of the article is: Jenny Craig Supports Romney, While Fashionistas Back Obama.

The title naturally makes the wheels in my head turn:  Are there no slightly over-weight fashionistas?  Are you not allowed to be a fashionista if you wear a size larger than a pre-approved fashionista size?  Are there no fashionistas who support Romney?

Well, when I think about fashionistas I think of the Kardashian clan, Snooky, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan.  I’m willing to give those brainless lumps of human flesh to the liberal side, besides to be conservative takes brain power and I doubt the collective brains of the afore mentioned ladies equal one brain of a fuller sized female conservative.

The article actually goes on to explain that Jenny Craig, the person and founder of Jenny Craig is Romney bundler.  Craig has brought in $250,000.  While that is appreciated, it pales in comparison to some of Obama’s questionable bundlers like George Kaiser (the largest investor in Solyndra and got billions from the stimulus bill), or Jonathan Lavine who was in charge of Bain during the GST steel layoffs.

Obama is preferred by the fashionistas, like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and of course Anna Wintour (Devil Wears Prada fame, Wintour being the devil) along with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Women’s lifestyle brands are also overwhelmingly in Obama’s camp. Lucille Roberts, founder of the Lucille Roberts gyms in New York, gave a total of $2,000 in political contributions before her death in 2003: half to Geraldine Ferraro, half to Frank Lautenberg, both Democrats. Rachel Ray gave $30,000 in the 2008 election cycle: $27,700 to the Democratic National Committee and the remainder to the Obama campaign. Oprah Winfrey, who just landed an interview with Romney, has given $30,800 to the DNC for the 2012 cycle and $5,000 directly to the Obama campaign—considerably more than the $2,300 she gave to Obama in 2007.

On the other side of the aisle, there are precious few like Jenny Craig, who are prominent donors to Republicans or Republican causes. Gary Heavin, president and CEO of the women-only Curves gym chain, has drawn attention for giving thousands of dollars to anti-abortion groups.

Given the choice I will take the fuller figured or thin sensibly dress woman or man, the business owners, parents, military members, religious groups, and the few intelligent fitness based business’ as my friends compared to elitist, pretentious, shallow and fake crowd who seem to be supporting President Obama.

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