By - July 1, 2012

Obama To Military Families: Pay Up!

Obama has gotten his signature legislation through SCOTUS, now he gets to weld his power to pay for this behemoth.

Obama had promised everybody that their health care premiums would decrease by an average $2500 per family with Obamacare.  Of course the truth has since come out.  Jonathan Gruber, MIT economist stated before Obamacare was passed that premiums would decrease, since it’s passage Gruber now says premiums will increase from 19 to 30%.  Of course this is no surprise to those of us who paid attention during the entire debate.

It is one thing to present this bait-and-switch routine on the American public, it is quite another to actively go out there and demand increased premiums on your military members.

Barack Obama threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill partly because it did not include higher health care fees for members of the military.

In the most recent budget proposal by the Obama administration (no budget has been in effect the entire time Obama has been in office), billions of dollars worth of higher fees for members of TRICARE were proposed.  It’s one of the administration’s means of cutting $500 billion from the Pentagon’s budget.

TRICARE is the insurance used for military members.  TriCare covers active duty members, Guard and Reserve members and retirees.  Active duty members have no premiums for their insurance, so under Obama’s demand for increased premiums the tax payers would foot the bill for active duty.  Guard and Reserve members, however, do pay premiums for their TriCare coverage.  Before you say, yeah they are the weekend warriors, remember the greatest number of fighting members in Afghanistan and Iraq are your neighbors, the Guard and Reserve military members.  Obama wants to raise premiums on those people who are risking their lives for all of us and our freedoms, all to help pay for his new entitlement.

Obama has not left the retirees alone.  Retirees have to pay a premium for their version of TriCare, so Obama will be raising fees on the elderly as well.  Obama is figuratively, throwing our WWII, Korean, and Vietnam vets over the cliff, the very same cliff Democrats said Paul Ryan was throwing the elderly over.

Let’s face it: Obama hates the military and he is going to make them pay in blood, in Afghanistan (2,000 dead under Obama) and he will raid their thin wallets to pay for his socialist agenda.

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