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What the 4th of July Means to Me

4th of JulyWhat does the 4th of July Mean To Me?

Recently, the President of Argentina stated that she believed that Equality is more important than Liberty.  I believe that this is virtually impossible.  Every time in History that Liberty is suppressed and individual freedoms are devalued in a society, equality inevitably ends.

America is the first and best example.  We wrote a Constitution and a Declaration of Independence while, at the same time, we held thousands and thousands of people as slaves.  It is only when the Civil War occurred (the turning point which took place at Gettysburg from July 2nd-July 4th 1863), where hundreds of thousands of men died for an ideal of setting other men free did the United States truly become unshackled and we became the greatest country in the world.

Liberty and Equality are inevitably linked with each other.  With true Freedom, we have the ability to pursue what is best for our families and our communities.  When those freedoms start being taken away from us do we have to make choice that will impact both those we love the most and our local towns.

This is why this election coming up is so important.  We all now can acknowledge that Obama Care is a tax, plain and simple.  (Most of us knew that already, but it took Chief Justice Roberts to actually say it in public).  There are 21 NEW taxes being imposed, with the great vast majority of the burden being put on the Middle Class.  You see, as a business owner, I know that we are going to be forced to make some choices about who to hire and not, whether to keep work locally or ship jobs overseas.  Our Liberty and Freedoms as business owners are steadily being stripped away, as is our ability to create work for other people without overtaxing our families.

From Obama Care to the diluting of the National Day of Prayer (which I was shown so eloquently by two new friends of mine yesterday), this last four years as seen our country heading steadily towards being a Socialist Nanny State.  How we choose to treat jobs and money is one thing…how we choose to treat each other is another.

  • I still believe that we are smarter than Washington.
  • I still believe in my neighbor and my fellow Americans in making the right decision more than an over-bloated pig called our Federal Government.
  • I still believe that my we can make decisions to keep this country great economically while still making sure we have our humanity in taking care of the truly needy.

So, today, when we get fat on good food and watch lots of fireworks and be with family and friends, keep in mind that Equality and Liberty are forever linked.  We hear this every four years, but it is truly correct right now:  We are at a turning point in our country’s history.  We will either choose Liberty and Freedom this November or we will choose shrinking rights and more taxes (which leads to less freedom) in November.

Take a little time to Watch Gettysburg (a great movie about what fighting for Liberty is truly about), hug your family and friends, forget about your cholesterol and fat intake for one day and thank God that we live in the greatest country on Earth.  Thanks for reading and have a great 4th of July.


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    The bigger they are the harder they fall.

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