By - August 8, 2012

Abortionist to Protesters: You Adopt Those Ugly Black Babies Then!

Planned Parenthood founder,  Margaret Sanger would have been proud of the abortionist caught by video confronting Pro-Life protesters.  Ms. Sanger an outspoken eugenicist, believing that light-skinned races were inherently  superior to dark-skinned.  She spoke of plans to sterilize “the unfit” as “the  salvation of American civilization.  In 1920 Sanger stated: “birth control is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit [and] of preventing the birth of defectives.”

Now in 2012 we have abortion doctor, Ron Virmani confronting Pro-Life advocates telling them:

“I as a taxpayer do not wish for those babies to be born, and brought up, and kill those people in Colorado,” he says.

When the activists wearing “Jesus” shirts insist they still want the babies to be born, the man responds: “Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.”

First of all, I don’t know what black babies have to do with the killing in Colorado, the piece of dirt killer in Colorado is white.  I guess if you are racist, all bad things can be traced back to the ethnic group they hate.

Second, how can Virmani assume he is saving the world from potential killers or that he is saving the world from ugly babies, no matter the ethnicity?  Only the babies he aborts would be ugly or killers, I guess.

What still amazing me is that the black community by a majority support the democrat party, which is a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood and is supported by Ron Virmani who has been a frequent contributor to Democratic Party candidates.  Racists are obviously pervasive within the democrat party and yet the black community still votes mostly democrat!

Check out the video below

Virmani Rant

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  1. Barbara Jean says:

    Amazing… when conservatives talk-do something, they are racists… when liberals talk… they are not. NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY.

    I am an independent, leaning more to the right, but I do believe in a woman’s choice with some exceptions-I knew 2 women who basically used abortions as birth control instead of finding a method of birth control…and 3rd trimester abortions when the fetus/BABY could be born alive-unless there is a medical reason. ANYHOOOO…

    Dr Virmani, FIRST- needs to have his vision checked before he operates on anyone. That man has to be LEGALLY BLIND if he looks at James Holmes and sees a BLACK MAN. Maybe totally blind. 2nd, If I were on the medical/review board in the state where this Dr. ‘practiced’ -I would review each and every surgery he did and FOLLOW UP on them. Even if it is 10s of thousands. This ‘Dr’. is a racist… who knows if he ‘accidently’ killed a few black women on the table, or more likely… left them unable to conceive again??? Even if he didn’t, his morals are lacking and I am not talking about giving abortions, I am talking about that with that WRONG STATEMENT, You would have to believe he thinks all mass murders are committed by black persons. Sickening.

    Also, amazing, he knows that all the babies he proforms the procedure on would grow up to be ugly. Is there a sign on the clinic ‘We Mercifully Kill those Babies who would be Mass Murderers Or JUST PLAIN UGLY!!!’ Is he a psychic?

    On the other hand… I must say-I do not like the protesters in front of Planned Parenthood who scare girls away. Some have no option and alot of the protesters do not offer options to these young girls.. I have seen them yell MURDERER! Why not approach them calmly and offer them a place to stay while carrying the baby and where to put the baby up for adoption? Maybe some protesters do do that, but of course, I have only heard the ‘MURDERER’ since they scream the loudest.

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