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Nuns Run Amok On A Bus

Let me start this article off by saying I respect most of the Catholic nuns who serve the Church and it’s doctrines faithfully.  Most nuns are completely devoted to the Holy Trinity and the Church, however there are a number of “nuns” who think they know more than the Holy Father (the Pope) and the Bible for that matter.

The Vatican has found the nuns belonging to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious are so far askew of basic Catholic doctrine that the Vatican had to step in to reign these nuns in.  This group has been known to support gay rights and many other liberal social issues.  This is also the group that backed Obama completely in his successful attempt to force Obamacare onto Americans.  Thanks to women such as this the Catholic church has found the First Amendment apparently doesn’t apply them, as all insurances are being forced to provide birth control and abortifacients.  These nuns could be blamed for the fact a number of Catholic hospitals and Catholic social service providers may be forced to close.

So now what are these colossal morons up to now?

These nuns have found a way to spurn the Vatican yet again along with any republican and especially conservatives.

Nuns are defying the Vatican by going on a bus tour to protest the Republican/Ryan budget.

Sister Simone Campbell says she is on a mission to protect the poor—from Rep. Paul Ryan.  On the Bill O’Reilly Show Sister Campbell got into a spirited argument with Bill:

O’Reilly argued that the poverty rate had gone up under President Obama, so the current system isn’t working. “Tell me what you want, Sister,” he demanded. Her reply: “What I want is money in the pockets of hardworking people who are living below the poverty level…The Ryan budget gives money to the top, not the bottom.”

“In order to do what he (Ryan) says he is going to do, it takes drastic cuts,” Sister Campbell says, adding that Ryan does not generally go into detail about the specific programs for the poor that would be affected. “He’s trying to avoid enumerating them,” she says. “The truth is, there’s a shift of money to the top—tax cuts for the wealthy.”

I will say I’m sure the Sister is well meaning (maybe), but she is an economic idiot!

First she didn’t respond to Bill O’Reilly’s facts about Obama causing an increase in poverty–record unemployment, record food stamp enrollment.  Sister Campbell just rattled on with talking points that seemed to come directly from the Obama campaign website.  Is she happy with the outcome Obama has provided for the poor?  Obama loves the poor so much, he has created more poor people.

I have a question for Sister Campbell:  Where in the Bible does it instruct the government to take from a successful working person and give a portion of that money to the “working” poor (Now without the work requirements in welfare we can add—the lazy poor)?  I want to point out the word “portion” in that sentence because out of every dollar the government takes, it uses around 70 cents of that dollar for administrative costs.  Not very effecient is it Sister?  It is said, “God will help those, who help themselves”.  From that we can deduce that God does not favor sloth or laziness.  I would take from that, God believes in working hard for yourself and don’t expect others to support you.

The working poor is a different matter, but they will under the Ryan plan and under the past welfare plan get “money in their pockets”.  Sister Campbell says Ryan has not gotten into detail about his plan, but that is a LIE.  Ryan’s plan is spelled out in black and white and was debated in Washington.  I am sure Sister Campbell has not read the Ryan plan and probably never will.  It is much easier for her to be lazy and repeat the democrat talking points.  Sister, you are either lying or you are lazy (guilty of one of the seven deadly sins, sloth), but you still have the chance to go to confession if you are truly sorry for your sins.

Just so the Sister and the brainless nuns following her understand the financial cliff the US in heading toward, here is a video to explain the depth of our problem.

This video was put up by an accountant (I know this because the narrarator is very monotone).  It is a short video and very educational as well as  scary to think that after Obama we may be on an irreversible course to economic failure.

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