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Ask Matty: Musical Chairs

Dear Matty:
Am I missing something with Clint Eastwood and the chair?

Buffy, Vancouver

Dear Buffy,
I must admit I was doing my part to stimulate the economy the evening Mr. Eastwood was talking to the chair. I too, was confused when i started watching it mid-way through his impromptu routine. I thought he was doing an Adam Sandler imitation or promoting a memory drug!   With the genius of internet, thank you Al Gore, I was able to watch it in its entirety on the C-Span website.
Clint, in all his thespian training, was using the magic of symbolism. Can you imagine an Obama campaign without symbolism? The guy was rolling in it all throughout 2008. Remember the airplane that resembled Air Force One, the catchy seal he used as a candidate that looked like the Presidential seal, and the greek columns to represent his god-like presence to his people? I have not seen that much flair on one person since I ate at a T.G.I Fridays.
The empty chair was a metaphor for: empty- unfulfilled promises, a person who is afraid to meet with any meaningful media, and answers to no one.  I might add Clint’s stuttering represented the President off  his teleprompter. A couple of take-aways from Clint’s presentation: He mentioned that imaginary Obama told him and Romney to “go get bent” (not the actual words), but countered with “he can not do that to himself” and the others are “We own this country…the politicians work for us…when somebody is not doing the job, you gotta let ’em go”.  Did he over-shadow Mitt?  Maybe a tad, but Mitt is comfortable not being the center of attention.  How refreshing!
Monday was National Empty Chair Day, or also called Eastwooding. The Red State Report is posting some of our favorites. Another milestone, Clint Eastwood has been pictured in multiple posts on this site. He must have struck a nerve out there.


Keep the question coming!

Seal Team Six and their leader

Obama chair bowing

Obama chair going off a cliffWith the Queen, who just watched the dvds he gave her of himself

Green jobs chair

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