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Have we Forgotten? 9/11 Anniversary Edition

Have we Forgotten? 9/11 10th Anniversary Edition

On this 9/11  Anniversary, one question needs to be asked again…have we forgotten?

This a reprint of a post written by Matthew Jerome last year.  I think it is worth a 2nd look.

This Saturday marks an American day of irreversible events that have defined a religion, reshaped a sky-line, and regenerated a war department. All across America, moments of silence will be observed at football games, bells will be rung for the fallen victims and heroes, and Pastor Terry Jones and his Dove World Outreach Center will be burning copies of the Quran down in Gainesville, Florida. If I had my pick of events, I would do what the president is planning to do…  Staying home and watching the Nebraska football game on Pay-Per-View.

Last year, in a move to erase that infamous day from the American conscience, a progressive Obama officially declared the “9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance.” September 11th went from a day that was reserved for politicians to go to Ground Zero and read the names of the victims of the terrorist attacks and ring a bell, to a government declared day of “honoring the dead by servicing the living” by adopting a cause or posting a good deed.  The president has yet to commemorate that day by visiting Ground Zero on its anniversary.

The questions is why? Is he trying to avoid all the angry New Yorkers who are opposed by the building of a mosque, or is he saving up his political capital to have a celebration of sorts on its 10 year anniversary?  Do you think I am kidding about the latter?  Wanna make a bet that he doesn’t skip it next year?

Pastor Jones thinks he is doing his best by observing the day by burning the Quran.   He is declaring September 11th, “National Quran burning day” and he is being denounced by almost everyone from General Petraeus to Bill Clinton.  Former President Clinton, National Endowment of the Arts  fundraiser and ardent fan of the First Amendment, applauded the elephant dung painting of  The Holy Virgin Mary and  the upside down Crucifix in urine- PI** Christ,  but can not  find it in himself to cheer on this book burning.

Gen. Patraeus has mentioned the burning will put US Citizens all over the world at great risk if this event goes forward. I tend to agree with the good general.  These defenders of Allah have murdered a cartoonist, threatened the death sentence to the creators of South Park, put a bounty of Salmon Rushdie and have an affinity to punish women with rocks.

I think the mini cream puff sample tray has a better chance of surviving a Rosie O’Donnell shopping spree at Sam’s than this church group not receiving repercussions from the Quran burning. Pastor Jones has mentioned if the mosque is cancelled, he will cancel the book burning.  As I listen to the Pastor on radio shows, he has become more emboldened with his idea, yet his words are allowing him some wiggle room to cancel his event.  His tiny church of 50 will have generated enough publicity that cancellation of the event would save all those brave freedom of speech loving Hollywood types, the ones that have bashed Christianity so long, the embarrassment of defending these loons.  We all know they would because they are so consistent in Hollywood.

So how should America commemorate the 9/11 attacks?  Not by burning a Quran! Since the rebuilding of the site is not expected to be finished until 2018, I think each September 11th, the president can make their way down to the site and instead of ringing a bell, they can swing a sledge hammer into a molten rivet on a steel beam on whichever floor is currently under construction.  This would go on for another eight years but  I have no doubt that upon completion of the Freedom Tower, Dick Cheney with his heart possessing more mechanical parts than a John Deere, will be cutting the ribbon and President Obama will be watching more football from the sidelines.

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  1. Nebraska transplant in California says:

    Well, it looks like Matthew was right on with his prediction that our undocumented president wouldn’t join in the ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Instead, his gaffe-prone partner in crime got the honors.

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