By - September 25, 2012

How Do We Read All These Polls?

Polls come flying out of multiple press outlets daily like bullets from an M-16.  Some have Romney up by 1, others Obama by 1, then there are the polls that have Obama with huge leads in nearly all the battleground states, while another has us believe Pennsylvania is within a point for Romney.  My head spins when reading all this and the latest from Politico/George Washington University Poll doesn’t help my poll induced vertigo.

Obama leads Romney by just 3 points on the ballot (50 percent to 47 percent) – which before we rounded up, is actually a 2.6 point lead and only up a half-a-percentage point from the 2.1 point lead for Obama in our last Battleground poll in early August.

The latest POLITICO-George Washington University Battleground Poll with middle-class families, which comprise about 54 percent of the total American electorate and usually split in their vote behavior between Republicans and Democrats, Romney holds a 14-point advantage (55 percent to 41 percent).

Romney led on all but one including the economy (+9 percent), foreign policy (+3 percent), spending (+15 percent), taxes (+7 percent), Medicare (+2 percent), and jobs (+10 percent). Ironically, the one measurement Obama led Romney on was “standing up for the middle class” (+8 Obama), reinforcing that often the Democrats win the message war with the middle class, but not their hearts and souls.

Help me!  Romney leads with middle class voters and wins on every issue with respect to being the President, except the PERCEPTION that Obama stands up for the middle class.  How does this lead to a 3 point overall lead for Obama?

Maybe it’s because Madonna has come out and endorsed Obama:

“You all better vote for f—ing Obama okay,” “We have a black Muslim in the White House”  Madonna told the crowd at Washington’s Verizon center.

Later in the show, Madonna took off her shirt and pulled down her pants to show she had “OBAMA” written in all capital letters across her lower back.

“When Obama is in the White House for a second term I’ll take it all off,” she said to cheers and whistles from the audience.

People, Madonna is 54!  Are you sure you want her bearing it all?  That sounds like the best reason to vote for Romney.  Sure Romney will get us out of this Obama induced economic doldrum and Romney will help to get America back to her perch as world leader, but please spar us the likelihood Madonna will strip in front of us!

Perhaps Howard Stern has the answer to my question about Obama’s lead:


Rush Limbaugh has stated that Obama has the academia vote and the main stream press vote, all he has to do is lock up the moron vote.  It looks like Obama is well on his way to accomplishing that goal.

This still doesn’t explain the disparity in the polls.  The morons think Obama is the greatest President  ever, they barely know who Romney is so they don’t think he is good at anything.  They don’t even know Osama is fish food, how could they know the Obama administration is covering up a national security disaster?  How could the morons in this country know that hours after ambassador Stevens was tortured then murdered, Obama was out partying and grabbing campaign cash?  They wouldn’t have even known it if they turned on major news outlets.  Apparently the biggest mistake made last week wasn’t leaving ambassador Stevens without security, even though the State Department knew 2 days in advance something was going to happen in Benghazi.  The biggest mistake last week was Romney’s 47% statement!  How many people died because Romney made that statement?  NONE.  How many died last week because Obama is incompetent?  4 Americans!

The only poll that really matters is the poll that will be taken on November 6th.  Make sure you take part in that poll and cancel out the moron vote.

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