By - October 12, 2012

Crazy Joe Jam- the gift that keeps on giving

The Vice-Presidential debate was being built up as potentially the most entertaining ever.  When the smoke cleared, what were the viewers left with?

When discussing the winners and losers for the debate, I will have to say the loser was….the viewers!

Most people tuned in to see the gaffe machine that is Joe Biden.  What they got was what Ross Perot would have described as “the crazy aunt (uncle in this case) that nobody in family talks about”.  Biden made so many gyrations I thought he was a humanoid wind sock.  Joe also became a weapon of mass interruption.

The audience was treated to behavior that is usually punished in most households.  Constant interruptions, like a three year old who can’t wait his turn, then the condescending laughs and eye rolls.  I did not realize that unemployment, assassination, healthcare, and economic malaise was so funny.

The substance was full of lies from Biden, who wouldn’t back down from what he had said.  Is that to say that everything Ryan said was the Gospel truth…No.  Ryan was truthful and respectful throughout, but I’m sure there are some facts that can be seen in a different light.  That pails in comparison to Biden’s, “we never got the information the consulate in Benghazi needed more security”.  That statement may be able to be glossed over if we believe Biden has trouble with alzheimer’s, but most likely the Obama administration is inept or just criminally wrong.

Mr. Biden more than once would turn to the camera and ask, “America, who do you trust?”.  That is an easy one if anyone has paid attention the last four years.  Mr. Ryan had his hands full trying to explain his position, while being interrupted by Biden 82 times, and the moderator 31 times.  That is a lot of interference laden upon the future Vice President. In the end the substance doesn’t really matter, because very few people are talking about the substance of the debate.  Most people and networks are talking about Biden’s reactions.  Another day and another example of the media covering for this regime by taking the nations eyeball of the prize.

Expect to see a repeat performance in the next Presidential debate.  Obama will take a cue from Biden.  Truth will be hard to find, but condescension will reign throughout.

Again the true loser in the debate was the viewer.  The substance from Biden was fictional and there were no funny gaffes.  What a let-down for those tuning in.  Dennis Miller may have said it best, “NFL officials are currently meeting with Biden to see if he can pass their concussion protocols.”    Biden does have a fall back plan after the November election- a Jeff Dunham puppet. Lord knows where one will have to put their hand to control him.

Look man, no strings!


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