By - October 17, 2012

Did Candy Collude With Obama?

As it goes for republican presidential nominees, they know when they walk into a debate, the debate moderator will be pulling for the democrat.  It is expected the moderator will interrupt the republican more than the democrat, give more time to the democrat, but Candy Crowley went one step further.

By now everybody is aware the Candy tried to pull Obama out of the Libyan fire with her blunting of Romney.  Visibly siding with Obama is one thing, but if you look at the debate again, it appears Obama may have colluded with Candy Crowley previous to the debate.  Check out the following link to see the video.


Notice in the video, Romney makes the point the President waited 14 days to call the Benghazi attack a terrorist attack.  During Romney’s response, he looks back at Obama who response, “please continue, Governor”, almost too calm considering his demeanor through the debate.  Once Romney has finished his point, Obama calmly states, “look at the transcript”, which Candy Crowley conveniently has in her hands.  What is the likelihood that a Crowley would have that exact transcript?   I would say, I have a greater chance of winning the lottery–twice in a row.  Did she have the transcripts for all of Obama’s speeches throughout is 4 years?  Did she even have the transcript for any other speeches Obama gave concerning Benghazi?  No.  Interesting, Candy had the exact transcript needed.

As far as winners and losers of the debate, what Crowley did isn’t going to help the President anyway.  Crowley ended up being wrong on the facts in Obama’s defense anyway, as she lamented later when she was questioned by Anderson Cooper.  Obama may have won on style, but the clear winner on substance was Romney and that is what the electorate will be using on November 6th.  If I need somebody who is good at reading a teleprompter, then I would vote  for Obama, but America wants substance in 2012.

This townhall debate should be viewed with a critical eye, given it seems apparent the moderator colluded with the President previous to the debate.  This is without a doubt media malpractice, but you can’t sue the media for that.

In the end Candy has hurt the President because everybody is talking about her actions on the Libya question.  She also hurt her own credibility (assuming there was any to begin with) and she now will bring into question possible collusion in upcoming debates.

What will Bob Schieffer do on Monday?  It will be interesting.

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