By - October 15, 2012

Jay Leno Makes Fun Of Obama and Biden

The Obama administration is trouble.  How do I know this?  Comedians are turning on Obama.

Jay Leno has found great fodder from within the Obama administration.  His latest monologue hit comes from his assessment of the Biden/Ryan debate.  Check out the video in the link below:


The best humor is built around the truth and Leno’s depiction of the debate rules pretty much hits it.

This isn’t Leno’s first joke about what the true Obama policies, check out the following video:


Actually I always found Leno to be one of the few comedians who, like the great Johnny Carson, makes fun of everybody equally.  If he hits a republican, wait a couple minutes, a democrat will be the next victim.  This does differentiate Leno from most all other famous comedians.  The likes of David Letterman, Bill Maher, Chris Rock and many others have lost any resemblance to comedy not only for the reason that they only attack republicans, but they take their ideology into their performances.  The main problem with that is liberalism is not funny.  Liberalism is at it’s base a depressing ideology, finding victimology in everything.  Jokes about evil rich white guys can only go so far, especially when it has very little truth to it.  Letterman and Maher in particular are seen as angry old men, well past their prime and seriously lacking in humor.  Chris Rock may still enjoy some popularism, however he is not far behind.  Rock’s best routine was actually the exaggerated story of his childhood, portrayed on TV  show “Everybody Hates Chris”.  It was a mostly self defacing show and comedians who can make fun of themselves usually find the most success.

If you want to check out an up and coming comedian who is real funny and fair, check out one of our own partners–Blake Grantham on his website UnconfirmedBreakingNews.com.  You have certainly seen some of his work on our site.

Unfortunately the latest laughes heard were from Vice President Joe Biden, while the debate involved the economy and foreign policy–two subjects that are clearly not funny!  Does Obama find those subjects funny?  We will see on Tuesday, but Obama has been caught laughing as he joked about the failure of the stimulus and producing jobs.  While laughing Obama stated “I guess there is no such thing as a shovel ready job”.

Jay Leno is funny–Obama and Biden, not so much.

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