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Matty, What to do about Israel?

"We don't need google maps to tell us we are here"

Dear Matty:

Foreign policy is an important consideration in the upcoming election.  Now we have the middle east in full anti-American mode, with attacks on embassies in Yemen, Egypt and Libya.  Now we find Obama will not meet with PM Netanyahu, but is taking time out of his “busy” schedule to meet with Jay-Z and Beyonce and the View. Now I read Obama will meet with the President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.
A couple of months ago the Obama administration released details of a plan between the US and Israel against Iran.
My question is: Was the release of sensitive information purely for Obama’s re-election or was this a way to let Iran and other fundamentalist Muslims know about the secret plans the US has against them?  Is Obama protecting Muslim nations?

Becca in Gretna

Dear Becca:
That is quite a long question you sent into Ask Matty, and I will do my best to help you understand what President Obama is trying to do. First off, although Obama did not meet with the PM of Israel, I am told they shared a twelve minute phone conversation last week, in between his fundraising obligations. I am also aware that the two of them are Facebook friends and keep each other abreast of their activities with daily status updates. What more would you expect from a hip-hop president?
I will take your second question first. Yes, he is a pro-Muslim president. I would be hard pressed to say the last two have been eerie similar. I do not know if Bush or Clinton would have had a movie director arrested for making fun of Muslims? Can you imagine Reagan arresting a national treasure like Bill Cosby

My movie is about as popular as your presidency.

for making “Leonard Part 6“? I doubt Reagan would actively enjoy watching the Muslim Brotherhood dominating the political establishment in the Middle-East like an over zealous big brother playing a game of Risk. But that is what we have now. A group of human-rights neanderthals,  ruling a region with iron swords and car bombs.  This Spring uprising was at the blessing of Mr. Obama. Libya and Egypt had some real SOB’s running their countries, but they were controllable and kept their dogs of war at bay.
Now for the first question: In all seriousness, Netanyahu’s simple visual of a red-line spoke to our feeble-minded president in terms he can understand. The Middle-East is approaching a boiling point, and we all know how hard it is to scrub off the water stains from a burner on the stove. Israel in not really in the cleaning business. They prefer to take care of business before a problem arises (read Operation Opera ), and the cleaner in this instance would have to be the United States of America.
We can ill afford another altercation in that region. The biblical and political pressure to support Israel is intense and prophetic. Obama does not have the aptitude to make such a decision. Never has, and he can’t vote present or keep text messaging Netanyahu for much longer. Obama did make a statement over the weekend (hoping his Jewish vote will remain at a steady 78%) “that Israel would not bomb Iran before the election and Obama would do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from producing a nuclear bomb”. I believe the first part of that message,  and the latter …is a reality that Obama, much less America has the stomach to resolve.

We are all confused by the message that Obama sends.  One of the greatest fears I had when he was elected, is no one can tell what the heck he is really ever saying and that is more dangerous to a nation than anything else I can imagine.  His words and deeds can be very confusing if one takes the time to listen and watch.  The main stream media does not, so thankfully you got us.

Thanks for the question


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