By - October 28, 2012

Red State Report Endorsement for President

Which team reigns supreme?

Here at the Red State Report, we do not enjoy the same tax status of a church. So, like many black churches in America, we are allowed to recommend to you who to vote for in the up coming election without suffering any consequences from our federal government.

On one side we have the challenger Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  To date, the media and Obama team (is that redundant?) would make you believe all that he has done is kill his dog, have the second lowest job growth, and flip flop on his political views.  On the surface, some of that may be true until you look at the numbers.  For instance, while Mitt was governor of MA they had one of the lowest unemployment numbers in the country.  Hence, when you have a low unemployment number, any jobs you add, your number will not rise significantly. So to say he had the 48th lowest job growth in the country while governor, is that fair?   Also, as for the flip flopping on abortion etc… let’s just call it evolution.  Liberals loves the idea of evolution except when it is about ideas, with the exception of the President’s evolution on gay marriage.  They  love freedom, unless it involves republican’s rights to free speech, owning a gun, or school choice.  Governor Romney has shown that he is a leader who is not afraid to reach across the political aisle.

Mitt is a turn around guy.  He did it with businesses and the olympics.  Paul Ryan has proven himself competent enough to be the vice president.

Paul Ryan has been the head of the finiance committee and to date is the only person in Washington that has put forth a serious plan to rescue Medicare.  Now, some will say his plan doesn’t go far enough quick enough (planned out over a ten year period) while others (democrats) will have you believe Ryan is trying to throw your grandmother over a cliff.  The truth about the latter is Ryan’s plan doesn’t touch anybody over 50 years of age, but again don’t let the truth get in the way of a good narrative.

One the other side of the political aisle, you have the new hip & cool Choom Gang, President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden.  Both accept foreign donations (they even asked for your birthday and anniversary money), both reject bipartisanship, they have failed us on the stimulus and cash for clunkers.  They have too many failures to list.  Just check out the graph at the bottom of the article and I dare anyone to defend their record.  Not even if Joe had the balls the size of cue balls.  President Clinton said no one could fix these problems in four years.  We think otherwise and someone already did back in 1980.

Before we formally give our endorsement for president, we are saddened that this historical election did not rank high enough for McDonald’s, Baskin-Robbins, Krispy-Cream, etc… to be giving away free food and drink on election day like all those companies did four years ago. We will miss the gift that keeps on giving- no not the Jam of the Month Christmas gift, but the Joe Biden’s weekly stump speech mix ups (Obama-Biden gaffes).  The guy’s foot is in his mouth so often, we do not know how he brushes his teeth.  He has been a writer’s dream and we look forward to him being a pitchman for memory pills.

Obama said himself in a 2010 television interview that if by the end of his first term the economy was still broken, he should not be re-elected. Well, the economy is still broken, and America has lost confidence in the president’s ability to make the necessary repairs.  We are eager to follow-up on his request.  He is not optimal for what our country needs done right now, and to allow him another four years would be utter insanity.

Obama's hope and change fatigue

This past weekend, President Obama received the perfect communist trifecta of endorsements. Chavez, Castro and Putin all overwhelmingly endorsing him.  I sense a pattern amongst many of his supporters.  They tend to be people that hate America and everything it stands for.   We, at the Red State Report, will offer the only true red that matters. We fully endorse Mitt Romeny and Paul Ryan as your next President and Vice President.  All of this for a dam flag.

Mr. Obama told Mitt at the last debate that the “1980’s called and they want their foreign policy back”.  No Mr. President, the 1980’s called and we want our Reagan back.

Just a reminder what has happened since America has stayed out of the Bushes

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  1. Joel Torczon says:

    Has the Cash for Clunkers program been dusted off for reuse in this election? I’m sure a lot of folks would take a break from drinking the Kool Aid to come out and cast their ballots for Obama and Biden if only some redistributed moolah were tossed their way so that they can keep on chooming.

  2. Memory Pills says:

    Well, we can’t blame all things on the government. Maybe, we just need to deal with it sometimes.

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