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Red State Report Endorsements For Nebraska Politics

Newpapers and pundits across America are lending their endorsements.  There are even communists leaders across the world giving their endorsements, which of course goes to their like-minded friend, President Obama.  It is now Red State Report’s turn to give our rather weighty endorsements.

Our Presidential endorsement has been given in a recent post.

We will start with the Senate race-Fischer vs. Kerrey.

Bob Kerrey is selling himself as a bipartisan.  The main problem for Kerrey, is he has spent time in the US Senate and had a record for us to judge him by.  During his tenure, he was more liberal than Ben Nelson.  Kerrey voted against a Partial Birth Abortion Ban, for Gun Show Regulations, against Religious Memorials at Schools honoring teachers and students killed.  Kerry even voted  against American Missile protection program.  Kerrey’s first move before declaring his candidacy was a visit from cowboy poet Harry Reid and request seniority and leadership on committees. Almost half of his campaign is being funded by an out of state PAC. Do we really believe Kerrey will be bipartisan?  Has Harry Reid led by bipartisanship?

Kerrey is trying to sell the idea of “trust”, but can we trust a person who stabs Chuck Hasselbrook in the back?  Hasselbrook was thinking about diving into the democrat primary for Ben Nelson’s senate seat.  Hasselbrook wanted to make sure he had Kerrey’s support before resigning his regent position with the University of Nebraska.

Hasselbrook said Kerrey “told me as recently as a few days ago (4 days before declaration date) that he would assist my campaign.”

“I gave up my seat on the University of Nebraska Board of Regents based on his word,” he added. “I do not believe he would go back on it.”

Four days after Kerrey told Hasselbrook he would support him and not run himself, Kerrey announced his own nomination.  If you will lie to somebody within your own party and state, what will you do to people you don’t know?

Deb Fischer has been painted as a cold-hearted person who would throw an elderly couple off their ranch land.  There was a legal issue, connected to property lines and in western Nebraska (where your next-door neighbor is a long distance phone call away) it’s easy to see where property lines may need to be re-inforced.  Nobody got forced out off their property, as a matter of fact the Fischer family lost that legal decision so if anybody would have been forced off land it would have been the Fischers.  Deb Fischer has been tagged as preventing that couple from selling their land to the state for a state park.  How would that have been a disaster for the couple in question?  They would make a lot more money selling their land in the free market, I’m sure Ted Turner would have paid top dollar for that land-he owns most of western Nebraska already anyway.

No evidence beyond the flimsy evidence the Kerrey campaign has given, has shown that Deb Fischer is anything but a good steward to the people of Nebraska and we know Kerrey has not always been a good steward to Nebraska-therefore the Red State Report whole-heartedly endorses Deb Fischer for US Senate.    Regardless of the polls showing this race tightening up, you can not buck the wisdom of the Nebraska voter.  Fischer wins by 10+ points.

Another interesting race in the Nebraska is the 2nd district House race between incumbent Lee Terry and his democrat challenger John Ewing.

John Ewing does not have much of a record outside of being the Douglas County (Omaha) Treasurer.  He is supported by the Omaha LGBT community.  When asked for political positions by Project Vote Smart, Ewing refused to answer any questions and still has not laid out his positions.  For this reason alone, we at Red State Report can not support Ewing.  You have to make your positions easily available and Ewing appears to be hiding his positions.  Even the Omaha World Herald, which endorsed Ewing did not mention any positions that Ewing may hold.  Ewing has a special place in Omaha that gave up an electoral vote to Obama four years ago.  First time that has happened since Kennedy.

Red State Report endorses Lee Terry for the 2nd district House seat.  Congressman Terry wins by 14+ points.

The 1st district pits incumbent Jeff Fortenberry against his democrat challenger Korey Reiman.  This is the first time I have heard of Mr. Reiman, so his name printed in this column may be one of his first outside of the city phonebook.  Congrats Mr. Reiman, you have arrived, but don’t go booking your own ballroom on election night just yet.

Red State Report endorses Jeff Fortenberry for the 1st district House seat.  Congressman Fortenberry wins by 30+ points.

The 3rd district is similar to the 1st district.  Incumbent Adrian Smith against another unknown, Mark Sullivan.  I’m sure this is the first time most people have ever heard of this democrat challenger in the 3rd district. We like it that way too.

Red State Report endorses Adrian Smith for the 3rd district House seat. Congressman Smith wins by 40+ points.

All in all, we are predicting a complete republican sweep of the original red state.

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