By - October 4, 2012

Romney Vs. Obama Round 1: A Knockout!

No matter how you slice it, it was a great night for Mitt Romney.  Butt stomping, beatdown, whatever you want to call it.  At times, it was hard to tell who was President and who wasn’t.  While I don’t think it was a homerun, Romney certainly hit doubles and triples all over the map, to stay in tune with the upcoming baseball season.

On the other hand, President Obama looked like someone who didn’t want to be there in the first place.  He looked more like a college professor who was waiting for Friday afternoon classes to get out so he could go to the local bar.  Every time that Governor Romney was hammering him on facts, he would resort to his dead Grandpa or Grandma and how Social Security and Medicare saved them.  I was just waiting for him to compare the facts that Mitt Romney was bringing up to some past dead dog (hit link for another funny).

Mitt made Obama look small.  As I watched, all I could think of is how alone Obama looked.  He was without his teleprompter, he was without his friends in the media to speak for him, and he was without orderly notes to keep him on track, although he kept looking down at them. Reminded me of when I had to use the ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse because I didn’t prepare for a class project.  Mitt exposed the emperor without his clothes, maybe it was the ‘brain-depleting altitude‘ that over took Obama as Al Gore suggests, I mean he is a climate genius afterall.  I was fortunate to watch the debate on a split screen, and Obama’s bottom lip puffed out more than a prairie chicken during the mating season.  He looked flustered and to borrow a line from Laura Ingraham last night, ” he was blinking more than a prisoner of war sending out a coded message.”  

Romney had passion blended with an amazing handle of the facts of the situation.  Bringing up how much in tax breaks green companies like Solyndra got ($90 Billion) vs. Oil Companies (less than $5 Billion in the same time period) off the cuff was a great moment for him.  He came in well prepared and passionate about his message that creating jobs for people is truly the sign of a compassionate person.  Again…all President Obama had was “Bush sucks” or “Let me tell you about Grandma’s Bunions…”

The polls have tightened up dramatically over the past 48 hours.  Romney is now ahead or even in most of the swing states.  Obama now has no where to hide.  He can’t run on his record and, unlike John McCain who seemed to care more about how hot his wife looked than the Presidential race, he has run into a buzzsaw in Mitt Romney that is focused, caring and someone who realizes that the people in America are just now caring about this race.  It’s going to be a fun next 34 days.

BREAKING: The Obama administration has just announced, in the next two debates Clint Eastwood’s chair will stand in for the President.  It is felt the chair will fair better against Romney than Obama.

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