By - November 28, 2012

Is Obama The Reason For The Season?

Liberal sycophants are labeling Obama as more than the “One” again.  Michael D’Antuono has released his painting giving Obama the appearance of being crucified.  The painting was to first appear in 2008, but was pulled due the tremendous outrage at such a depiction.  D’Antuono stated “The crucifixion of the President was meant metaphorically”.  D’Antuono claims the “conservative” media is trying to “promote the idea that liberals literally think of Obama as the savior”.

In related news Jamie Foxx was quoted at a BET Soul Train function as saying: “This is like a church.  First give honor to God and our lord and savior, Barack Obama.”

How could the conservative media think that liberals believe Obama equivalent to the savior?  Looks like D’Antuono didn’t look at the news before he made his claim.

Since there is a segment of the US that believes Obama to be the savior, let’s compare Obama to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jesus healed to sick, cured lepers and helped the blind to see.

Obama passed his health care bill, then told the daughter of an elderly pacemaker recipient, her mother would have probably been better off taking an aspirin as oppose to undergoing the lifesaving surgery for the pacemaker, and 52% of America is still blind.

Jesus told a rich man, who wanted to know what more he had to do to get into heaven, “Go and sell all your belongings and give that to the poor, then come follow me”.

Obama tells the rich, “Give me all your stuff so I can give it to whom I believe needs it, then go away.”  Of course, every American does need at least 10 cell phones.

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

Obama, through the failed operation Fast and Furious and Benghazi has been responsible for the deaths of 5 Americans and hundreds of Mexicans, none of whom have been raised from the dead.

Jesus fed 5 thousand men with just 5 loaves and two fish, and was left with 12 baskets of leftovers.

Obama has put 16 million people on the food stamp program, a program that has no leftovers only larger debt.  Jesus, at least, fed the 5000 all natural, non Hostess based products.

Jesus was crucified by jealous chief priest, who whipped up the crowd of Jews with false claims against Jesus.

Obama has been protected by a fawning mass media who ignore Obamas’ false claims and the many screw ups by his administration.  The only person to be “metaphorically” crucified is Mitt Romney, by Obamas’ chief priests in the main stream media.

In my estimation Obama makes a better Santa Claus (the fable, not the actual St. Nicholas) than a savior.  For those of you who look at Obama as a lord and savior, good luck to you.  I will continue to put my faith in the Savior who died for my sins and who personally chose the gate keeper to heaven, St Peter.  Obama doesn’t open his doors to many people, but does throw a lot of people under his bus.

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