By - November 14, 2012

States Request Secession

The last President to deal with secession was of course President Lincoln, which mainly dealt with the legality of slavery.  150 plus years later President Obama is getting requests for secession from nearly 4 times as many states (Lincoln 11).  Lincoln’s wish to outlaw slavery caused the first secession, now I wonder if the slavery from a mounting debt and socialism is causing this new wave?

47 states have sent in petitions asking for peaceful secession from the Union.  You may think these are all heavy republican states, however you may be surprised to find New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania on that list.  Honestly most these petitions have only a few thousand signatures on them, which may be from disgruntled libertarians in all these states.

I am not sure where this phenomenon started and it probably will never develop into anything serious.  I think it would be fun and maybe more taken a little more seriously if there are a large number of signatures on these petitions.  Given the press is looking for anything it can to continue to bury the Benghazi debacle, there is a chance this petition drive will make the main stream media cover it if it gets large enough in total numbers.

Stories could be told about how a number of states started to think like that southern lone star state.  Texas is known as the state with a history of fighting tyranny as they fought off Mexican tyranny to form it’s own country.  Because of that Texas has always had that loner mentality, but would they be willing to take on the other 47 states as their brethren in secession?

These secession petitions are of course not filed by “the States”, and they are not any sort of legal device. They are completely ineffective. The answer is of course NO. Why even ask….BUT: it is an invaluable barometer of the public sentiment, and the tenor of response. Conservatives are not smashing things in the street or conducting acrobatic bathroom rituals in public. They are writing letters and filling out papers. And OH what papers! Secede! This stuff has not been entertained as a notion in polite company for a hundred and fifty years. And now it is.
That is the power of this message. We know that the petitions are not legal instruments. But the people are speaking.

“You can all go to hell. As for me, I’m going to Texas!!!”

~ Davy Crockett

If you would  like to sign the petition follow this link to sign your petition:  https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions

UPDATE:  As of this morning all 50 states have petitions filed for secession.  There are only a total of 675,000 signees right now.  I would love to see a couple millions signatures before the December 1 deadline.  That could be real fun.

Exit question:  What is a government to do when all 50 states really want to secede?

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