By - November 8, 2012

Stepping Away From The Ledge

We all know that election night was a very tough night for 49% of this country.

Many question have raced through my head since the fateful close of the election:

  1. How could all those polls be sooo wrong, especially when they were grossly over sampling democrats?
  2. Was there enough voter fraud to throw this election Obama’s way?
  3. What are we to think when slightly more than half the country votes for Obama, knowing his abysmal record?

First, I am still trying to wrap my head around the polls.  Nothing about the pre-election polls makes sense.  The only poll that was correct was Nebraska’s Deb Fischer’s own internal poll, which said she was going to kick Bob Kerrey’s tail and she did.

Second, was there enough voter fraud to throw this election?  We know there was voter fraud, look at Philly: republican poll watchers get thrown out of a polling site, only to be re-instated hours later by court order.  What occurred in that polling place while nobody was looking?  I guarantee it was nothing legal, but were incidences such as these enough to create the outcome?  Probably not!  The spread was too large to blame voter fraud as the primary reason for Obama’s re-election.

That leaves us with, what are we to think of the 50% of people who voted for Obama?  A President who has been very destructive to the economy and our foreign policy.

We know Obama won 68% of the single young women.  Ostensibly, this would suggest that young women bought into the “War on Women” crap Obama was spinning.  Young women view free birth control and abortion on demand as their main issue.   And women say men think with their sexual organ!  In this case women were voting with their sexual organ.  By the way, those of you who are of the female persuasion, NO President can take away abortion from you…it is a Constitutional right and the Supreme Court ruled on birth control as well.  I guess it’s easy to fool young single women, which will replace the blonde women jokes now.

Overall the young voter turned out in numbers greater than 2008.  It is assumed they voted for Obama in hopes he will forgive their student loans.  I have news for these young morons, Obama isn’t going to do that.  Obama federalized the student loan program so he could use the profits to help pay for Obamacare.  College students are going to help keep Obamacare alive, you will be paying for everybody else’s medical care.

Then there is the Hispanic vote.  This is troubling to me for two reasons:  First, most Hispanics are Catholic which means they voted in a large block to limit their own religious liberty.  Second, they left a country that is rampant in tryanny and are turning this country into what they are fleeing.  Hispanics are very dependant on the government and get a lot of welfare.

When it comes down to it, that is what this is all about….FREE STUFF.  Young women, college students and Hispanics, it’s all about what they can get for free.  I love the feeling of reaching the bottom of  a Cracker-Jack box and getting my free prize, so I can relate on a certain level.

In the land of children it’s hard to compete with Obama Claus.  You need to throw all logic out the door when you wish to pander in politics.  The republican party has tried to appeal to logic, and it has failed.

Establishment republicans will use this election as a reason to blame the Tea Party (as they already are).  They are pointing toward Mourdock in Indiana and Akin in Missouri as reasons the Tea Party is failing.  Yes, those candidates pointed their own proverbial gun at their own head’s and pulled the trigger, but what of Scott Brown in MA?  He turned his back on the Tea Party and got beat by the most left wing nut out there… Elizabeth Warren, better known as Fauxcahontas.  She was the author of the “you didn’t build that” narrative.  What of Tommie Thompson in Wisconsin?  He is a moderate, the perfect establishment republican.  He got beat in a state where he was a very popular governor once.

The establishment will say we have to give in on amnesty, abortion and expanding welfare.  If we did all of that election night would have looked ….like a worse disaster!  If establishment republicans want to compete with who is better at giving stuff away, just join the democrat party.

Last night represented a lack of national soul, a lack of a moral compass.  50% of the nation said they don’t want to work hard for stuff, they just want it given to them, they want their  Obama phone phone.  They believed a man who has repeatedly lied to them and they are giving him a pass.  Rugged individualism and the founding of this country are beliefs headed for the trash pile of history….unless, there are brave souls out there trying to keep the flame alive.  The country will return to it’s Constitutional foundations, but only after the current beliefs of liberals have failed them and when it does it will hit all of us.   Stay strong, the country will need strong willed, moral, conservatism in the future.  Keep the flame burning bright!

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  1. Jacob says:

    Had a great time reading your blog. The sarcasm that it was filled with brightened my day! Keep up the good work.

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