By - November 9, 2012

Unsolvable X-File: A Creature Feature

“I want to believe” was a poster seen in the opening credits of X-Files and the over-riding theme of FBI Special Agents Scully and Mulder on the X-Files. The weekly shows would feature some paranormal phenomenon or person(s) and the two agents were called-in to investigate. Agent Fox Mulder was a believer and his partner Dr. Dana Scully was portrayed as a skeptic. The show would follow the whole investigation and conclude with some finding that the event may have actually took place and we actually do live in a world of bizarreness. Another aphorism used on the show was “the truth is out there”.

After watching election returns Tuesday night, I too was a skeptic like Agent Scully. I thought I would wake up Wednesday morning and the night before was a nightmare of sorts. That was not the case. So now starts the investigation.

Here are the facts: 1) The democrats are still more politically savvy than your average republican. They appeal to your feelings versus your own logic. Can’t blame them, the school curriculums reflect that. Let’s throw out science and math and substitute lessons on “Heather has two mommies”.

2) Their ground game is unmatched.  They still focus heavily in large cities and cater to those that are living in them, which is mostly focusing on those on welfare.

3) The democrats will promise and say anything to stay in power.   For example, Obama’s plan, in the little book he trailed around with the last two weeks of the campaign, stated he would hire another 100,000 teachers, fireman, police officers. Sounds romantic, I could be wrong but 99.99% of  them are hired on the state level and paid accordingly, not federal. It doesn’t matter, it sounds warm and fuzzy to say and hear, as opposed to a Constitutional lesson from a right-winger.  The non-idiots are losing out to the idiots.  Ever have to argue with a child who wanted cookies five minutes before dinner?

4) The republican establishment (again) made a few errors in alienating the Tea Party and Constitutionalists like Ron Paul and Virgil Goode. The American public is not hearing or seeing a difference between the two parties anymore- hence the turnout this year was lower than 2008.  The dinosaur RINOs that dominate leadership roles at the GOP, need to be excommunicated and replaced by new blood.   The GOP has plenty of TEA Party types, libertarian, and Constitutionalist leaders to replace the moderate GOP and those people can explain conservatism unabashedly.  I realize an asteroid hitting the HQ will not result in the current leadership becoming extinct, but they have failed miserably in leading and growing the party.  So before the third-fourth-fifth parties continue to gain ground, embrace them under our big tent.  They will find we share more common ground than not.

The truth is out there

5) The majority of voters want an equal outcome not an equal opportunity. I am puzzled on how to solve that one. People seem to enjoy the redistribution of wealth and it is hard to use logic on someone determined to steal from another to enrich themselves.  Problem here is getting these parasites to see the only real thing that can be redistributed is…Misery.

The truth is out there and maybe accepting our part of the above, we can start solving the challenge of the American electorate. I  want to believe that  I am not living in Bizzarro World.  I want to  believe we can overcome insanity.  I want to  believe we still value hard work and the freedom to pursue happiness.  I want to believe my country did not just re-elect a person who’s has stated :

“My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.”
Change it he most certainly has.  Sometimes reality is worse than fiction.  Time time to rebuild, reload, and regain our country.  Agents Scully and Mulder wold not be able solve this case but  they would be familiar with the strange and unexplainable forces at work.
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