By - December 3, 2012

Does Obama Support Extremist Muslims?

Nearly two years ago Obama and his administration was happy to support Egypts’ own “Arab Spring”, even though many pundits warned about the likelihood that extremist would take over in Egypt.

Jump to today and we find the extremist Muslim Brotherhood leading Egypt and their president Morsi claiming dictatorial powers, ostensibly until a Sharia based constitution is put in place.

For over a week there has been large protest going on in Tahrir Square once again.  This time it is not fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood with it’s attempts to get rid of Hosni Mubarack and taking over.  This is a grassroots protest for true democracy.  Egypts’ Christians and moderate Muslims are protesting for the removal of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  These protesters see a rising Islamization of Egypt which will become a theocracy very similar to Iran.

This protest is truly a united protest with protesters linked together holding up Crosses and Qurans.  Christians and Muslims who want to live in harmony with each other, but they know the Muslim Brotherhood would not allow that.

The big question!  Where is Obama during this uprising?

Obama was a big supporter of Egypts’ uprising that brought an extremist party into control.  Where is Obama when the people in this region are screaming for fairness and equality?

Obama wanted Mubarack out of control of Egypt because he was mistreating his people.  During the original protests Mubarack hired mobs to rape women and beat up the male protesters.  The Muslim Brotherhood has recently done the very same thing.  They are paying to have Islamists mobs rape women and beat men.

We shouldn’t be surprised, Obama has a history of this.  In 2009 students and moderate Muslims in Iran were protesting the questionable re-election of Iran’s president Ahamadinejad.  These protests were met with fierce opposition from the state police.  People were shot, including a women who was exiting her car and wasn’t even a part of the protests, a policeman shot her point blank in the head.  Was there a statement from Obama against such treatment?  No!  As a matter of fact Obama pulled any financial support from those protesters.

The question begs, Does Obama Support Extremist Muslims?

I know this news doesn’t mean anything to the 51% of the US population that voted for Obama.  They are unfortunately lost to their own selfishness or socialism.

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  1. This article is real.Does Obama Support Extremist Muslims?

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