By - December 19, 2012

Where does the Buck stop in DC?

Marlon Brando refused his Oscar award (1972) for the title role in ‘The Godfather’ as a means of publicizing the cause of Native American Indians.  In order to protest Hollywood’s (and America’s) poor treatment of Native Americans, Brando sent a woman who called herself Sacheen Littlefeather to make a ‘refusal speech’ on his behalf. I was thinking Hillary Clinton might be doing the same by refusing to attend the Benghazi hearing. She might be protesting America’s treatment of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In all fairness, according to her doctor, Mrs. Clinton went boom on her head and suffered a “concussion”. Yes, the only concussion of a VIP in HISTORY that did not require hospitalization.  So, once again, no proof. We must just take her WORD for it. She can get a doctor’s note as easily as Willie Nelson gets a pot script for “glaucoma”.  But the note should not excuse her from her testimony. She may not be sending an Indian in her place, but her surrogate is not the buck people are tuning into to watch. The Banghazi hearing is an important one. I will not bore this audience with all the details, you can read a past post from Skip .

Here is what I know.  Those defending our embassy in Syria, asked repeatedly for help.  A marine painted a target with a laser, this would not happen unless there was air support in the area.  The President watched it in real time on close circuit tv and did nothing and Americans died- wait he tried to blame a video.  What more needs to be said?  Wait, Obama did say last month that he would leave no one behind in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

This administration has gone to great lengths to protect the Muslim world from harm.  As Obama readies himself to reduce our access to guns and ammunition (they will hyper-tax them in the name of the murdered children, but use the revenue for union bailouts), he arms the mexican drug cartels with weapons and Muslim Brotherhood with fighter jets and tanks.  He puts his trust in everyone but the people he represents.

Brave Americans lost their lives defending sovereign territory.  They are simply viewed by this administration as collateral damage and nothing more.

Given the disaster that occurred in Syria I would have thought Hillary would be forced to testify, but I would be more than a tad suspect that  she is now sick from a migraine, concussion or broken fingernail.  Surely under such serious circumstances there ought to have been a delay in these hearings considering how long the nation has already waited.  I do not trust the committee to wait it out.  They already got someone to take the fall- Susan Rice and the old line of  “Washington system failure”.  Would these be acceptable excuses if the victims were your children?Where is that buck?

If Mrs. Clinton decides to run for president in 2016, she will win.  I guarantee it.  You read it here first. The ground work has already been laid (Hollywood, democrat leaders) and who will be able to stop her?  Another fall in the bath tub?  She also has plenty of help from the other side.  The republican party is very inept and the current leadership has failed to lead.- I will save the President Clinton story for another day.

There have only been two people who have refused their Oscar awards.  George C. Scott for playing General Patton and Brando playing a mob boss.  We have all read about the “Chicago Way” and how it has been instituted in DIC (Don in Chief).  Hillary knows what can happen if you show up for a hearing in DC.  Anyone remember Vince Foster? Dead men tell no tales. General Patreus, forgetaboutit.  Hillary tried to take some heat off of Obama by proclaiming ‘the buck stops here”.  As you can see, in the Washington two-step shuffle, that is not always the case.  To put DC in prospective, in true Hollywood fashion however, Sacheen Littlefeather was later revealed as not a true Native American but just an actress playing the part of one (not unlike Elizabeth Warren).  I think the same can be said about our Secretary of State.

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