By - January 25, 2013

My New York State of Mind

Michelle Obama is being sued by the Cleveland Browns for wearing one of their football helmets in public without permission…

The San Francisco 49ners & the Baltimore Ravens will square off in Super Bowl 47 next Sunday . Thanks to Ray Lewis, the Ravens have a killer defense…

Nice crocodile tears from another Clinton.  Would she have swallowed her whole face if she started to bite the lower lip like Bill?  I love how Hillary Clinton refers to the late Ambassador Stevens as “Chris”, as if she played bridge with him every Saturday.

Nothing like a bunch of softballs and a love-fest.  Here is all you need to know on how the questioning went for example : Congresswoman: “as a woman and as a mom I want to thank you, and we are privileged to have you here today…” THESE ARE HEARINGS REGARDING THE DEATHS OF OUR MEN IN BENGHAZI, YOU MORON, not a testimonial dinner!!!

Here is a parody of the hearings:

A Harvard scientist is looking for a woman who’d be willing to give birth to a Neanderthal. It’s already common practice in New Jersey…

Manti Te’o will speak with Katie Couric this week. If there’s anyone you want to talk to about an imaginary girlfriend, it’s an imaginary journalist.

Manti Te’o’s online girlfriend was a complete fabrication. When they heard that, nerds were like, “Man, even IMAGINARY girls only like jocks.”…

Cirque du Soleil just announced that it is cutting 400 jobs, mostly in its Montreal headquarters. So on the downside, hundreds of clowns will lose their jobs. But on the bright side, it’ll free up, like, two spaces in the parking lot…

A Nevada woman got beat up and nearly killed when she was matched with a creeper on match.com. Unfortunately, news reports failed to say she accidentally logged onto boxingmatch.com…

A woman was busted for smuggling cocaine from Mexico to US in her vagina. Usually, you only find Coke in a can, not in a box!

After watching the swearing in process this week, I noticed Massachusetts sent ANOTHER Kennedy to Congress.  Just think how plugged up the courts would be with all the rape and drunk driving cases if all the Kennedys were still alive…

And finally…crap I stole from the internet

You know I have Astro-Turf in the back of my El Camino. You know, if I were a single man, I might ask that mummy out. That's a good-looking mummy

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  1. Greg Gerdes says:

    Good one M !!!


  2. Madhusmita says:

    You are looking arnuod the world for evidence but what about looking at the world itself? Where did it come from? If from the Big Bang, then what created the conditions possible for the Big Bang to occur? Science can never identify a first cause, because it claims that any material thing must have come into being through a material process which had its own material origins. Logic alone says that there must be some super-natural, or extra-material, explanation for existence itself. Admittedly that is only the first step along the road to religion, but it at least suggests that one would do well to consider the super-natural in one’s worldview, which you refuse to do simply because, if I understand you correctly, there is no evidence for it.I don’t think your argument about tradition bears water. If YOU had been born in Iraq, rather than into a family that didn’t put too much emphasis on religion, you probably would have been a Muslim, yourself. Your rational atheism isn’t exempt from the generation to generation argument, either. Of course, for all of these environmental factors, there are always plenty of converts from one side to another. My Dad became an atheist despite his Catholic upbringing; I became Catholic despite a fairly mundane religious upbringing (and this, after I went through a Buddhist phase). The fact that people’s religion is influenced by biographical factors doesn’t mean that you can dismiss it as artificial, because there are always other factors (rational, biographical) that come into play.And lastly, I agree with Uncle Rich. I essentially agree with you, too, that we should keep religion out of government (although that is not the same thing as keeping it out of the social sphere altogether which is what most liberal atheists are really after). But Richard Dawkins goes much further than that. He DOES have a problem with people believing what they want, even if they are not involved in government, because he thinks religion is a corrosive blight that ruins everything. So much for enlightened liberalism. That is why I oppose him. Although it’s not that his reasoning is bad, since I believe that ATHEISM is a corrosive blight that (at least) runs the RISK of ruining everything; rather, it just goes to show how important it is to argue first principles rather than pretending that religion is a private matter which should be kept behind locked doors. Someday I want to create a list of hypocrisies of the vast majority of people who oppose Christianity here is one of them: They scream, Religion should be about the public good, things we can all agree about, rather than about who has sex with whom keep religion out of the bedroom! And then these same people turn arnuod and say: Stop bothering me with your religion. Keep it out of my face. It deserves to be locked up someplace private, like oh, I don’t know in the bedroom!

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