By - January 14, 2013

This Is A Beauty Contest, Not A IQ Contest

I have wondered out loud about the intelligence of the normal person in our country.  I have found a couple of video’s, that show at least those we hope are intelligent are, well…mental midgets

I know, some of you will say she meant medical marijuana.  I don’t think so.  She stated it should only be used in healthcare and recreationally.  She had already made the case for medical use.  I do want to know who those friends are that could only be cured with medical marijuana.  Medical marijuana has only been shown to useful for those that are in advanced stages of AIDS.  It increases their appetite, however it decreases the immune system, so it’s a catch 22.

In a separate video we have Miss California being questioned about euthanasia, to which she admits she doesn’t know much about it, but she knows it’s a vaccine.

Miss Cali Video

Clearly Miss California doesn’t know much about euthanasia.  Scary thought…Euthanasia has been a ballot initiative in other states.  How many other people will vote for such a initiative and have absolutely no idea what they are voting for?  What am I saying, that is how Obama got elected…twice.  Hello, Low Information Voter.

Fortunately there are at least 48 million US citizens who have an IQ larger than their shoe size.  We potentially have 51 million voters who probably don’t know the difference between a shoe size and IQ points.  This explains how the Kardashians can garner such a large following.  The good news for these beauty contestants is, most of America think your answers are correct.

In completely unrelated news: Jodie Foster recently came out of the closet.  This had to be devastating news for John Hinckley Jr, who shot President Reagan to get Jodie’s attention.  It has to be a real punch in the gut to spend 31 years in a mental institution, only  to find the girl he has been pining for is a lesbian.  Here’s some good news, bad news for Hinckley.

GOOD NEWS: Jodie Foster is still technically “single”

BAD NEWS: Jodie Foster is not into guys

GOOD NEWS:  If you were incarcerated in a Massachusetts you could have a tax payer funded sex change operation and maybe catch Jodie’s eye.

BAD NEWS:  Hinckley is incarcerated in a D.C. mental hospital, just a little to far south to be in Massachusetts.

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