By - January 22, 2013

Watch Out After This Inaugural Address

Most presidents bloviate during their inaugural addresses.  It is usually a cure for insomnia and Obama is no different.  It is important to listen to Obama’s words this time around.

Instead of the normal, “we can work together for the country’s sake, both democrat and republican”, Obama took on a Hitler/Castroesque screed.  Obama nearly screamed his address, in which he outlined his 2nd and last term.

If you are a job seeker, you were not on the mind of the president during his address.  No, according to Obama, the priorities of our generation are…equal pay, gay marriage, voting protections, immigration reform, gun control.

Getting the fiscal house in order will not be part of this administration (even though he promised to cut it in half during his first term) and the economic malaise is of no concern this time around either.

Let’s take a look at the priorities that Obama laid out.  I’m not sure these will go down in history in the same way emancipation did or women’s suffrage or winning WWII and the Cold War.

  1. Equal pay:  Why don’t you lead the way, Mr. President?  According to a report published by the Washington Free Beacon in April, the 2011 annual report on White House staffers revealed that the median annual salary for female White House employees was 18% less than male employees — $60,000 compared with $71,000.  Maybe you should take care of your own sexist problems first.
  2. Gay Marriage:  For a person who was evolving on this issue up until this summer, it seems Obama has completely evolved.  Look for Obama to legislate this much in the same way he is the contraceptive mandate.  Obama has already alienated the Catholic hierarchy and many mainstream Christian denominations, what is going to stop him from doing an encore performance?  Those states that have constitutional protections from gay marriage will have those protections unilaterally revoked by executive order.
  3. Voting Protections:  I have to admit, I’m lost here.  Does that mean the New Black Panther Party will not be able to be present at voting locations?  Does this mean that military members will not have to worry about their vote counting?  Or does this really mean Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Hitler and your long dead uncle will have their voting rights protected?
  4. Immigration Reform:  Look for the illegal aliens to be declared US citizens, shortly after they are allowed to vote.
  5. Gun Control:  A important law to watch is New York’s new gun law.  If it stands up against legal action, look for Obama to institute a similar executive order.  Jesse Jackson is even claiming, assault weapons (a term for a really scary looking hunting rifle) can even shoot down an airplane.  Wow!  Has anybody ever told this to Al-Qeada?  I’m sure they will try now that Jesse has let the secret out.  I heard an assault weapon in the hands of the Easter Bunny is even more dangerous and can bring down satellites.

It is true, none of this will put a struggling person to work, but with the burgeoning food stamp program, who needs to work?  These priorities will not keep Iran from getting and using nukes.  These priorities will do nothing for the exploding deficit, for which the interest payments to China pay for their military expansion, as we are cutting our own military.  If the world blows up and Americans go hungry these are extaineous needs, Obama knows whats right and will push the nation to tackle the above social  goals.

Enjoy Obama’s 2nd term

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