By - February 26, 2013

Feminists: Save Nasty Comments For Women Who Aren’t Feminists

Lena Dunham, a person I was completely unaware of a couple of months ago, has come out with great advice for the women of America.   In a tweet to her followers Dunham tweeted:

Ladies: Anne Hathaway is a feminists and she has amazing teeth.  Let’s save our bad attitudes for the ones who aren’t advancing the cause.

I am unaware of anybody knocking on Anne Hathaway’s teeth, but either that happened or Lena Dunham is quite smittened by Hathaway’s teeth.  Apparently, you can make fun of a women’s teeth, or any other body part, if she is not a devote feminist.  This shows who the feminist really represent…..liberal women down for the stuggle.

But wait….Feminists apparently are down for the struggle for others:

Sandra Fluke, in a recent speech, lamented how the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell didn’t go far enough.  According to Fluke, the military hasn’t “gone far enough for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning” community.  She really said that!  Fluke went on to say the military needs to recruit more transgendered people.  Nothing more fearful to our enemies, than a sexually confused soldier.

Note to Lena Dunham:  I know Sandra Fluke is a feminist goddess or do you prefer god (just don’t know if they view a goddess as less than a god and I’m not sure if a goddess makes 17% less blessings than their male counterpart gods), but how can I not take her comments and run like the wind?

First:  What is the “Questioning community”?  Are these the people that aren’t sure if they prefer animals to people?  Are they trying to determine if they are Asexual?  This does appear to be a new definition within the “sexually disoriented” crowd.

Potential army recruit

Second, what does Fluke mean by “the military needs to recruit more transgendered people”?  Does she expect the recruiters to go to gay bars to get transgendered people?  What is the advantage of recruiting the transgendered?  They can’t wear high heels in the heat of battle and there is really no difference between the male and female battle uniform.  I know allowing women in combat roles does open up an avenue for transgendered, but there is no advantage for them.  Even the toilets are the same…an outhouse.

It has always been obvious, the feminists have no use for all women, even though they claim to speak for ALL women.  They only serve liberal causes, all others are the enemies.  If conservative women aren’t careful they may have an army of high heeled dress wearing men coming after them, or people who are “questioning”.

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