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Mental Health Assessment for Obama

The current gun control arguments have the gun advocates pressing for mental health issue awareness, verses the gun control zealots, who believe in more gun restrictions, which restricts the law abiding gun owner but does nothing for anybody willing to break the law (if you are going to commit mass murder I don’t think another gun law will get in your way).  Mental health issues for the liberal gun haters has taken a back seat or been completely forgotten.

I may have found out why liberals are evading the mental health issue.

During Obama’s latest White House announcement to get the sequester delayed, Obama stated “We can not cut (spending) ourselves into prosperity”.  Obama also stated “The economy is getting better” and also stated “We have cut the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion”.

It is clear from Obama’s statements that he is detached from reality.  I fear Obama may be delusional.

I will go over the truth for Obama.  As far as cutting our way to prosperity, I don’t think we can continue to try to spend our way to prosperity, that has clearly not worked.  Now may be a time to find out if we can cut our way to prosperity.  You know what the definition of crazy is?  Doing the same thing over and over,then expecting a different outcome.  This may qualify for the crazy definition.

Let’s look at the statement, “the economy is getting better”.  I realize the automotive industry has had a good quarter, but that is just about where the good news stops.  The unemployment rate has climbed up to 7.9% and the GDP has gone negative for the first time since around 2010.  Consumer confidence is also on the skids.  Evidence may be pointing to another recession, following a very weak, anemic recovery.

Obama says we have cut the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion.  REALLY!  That’s why we needed to raise the debt limit, because we are cutting spending?!  Obama is doing such a good job of cutting spending that we will have to consider raising the debt limit in March again.  Mr. Obama, I am worrying about your perception of reality.

Hey, Mr. President; The clay pigeon is up high, you just shot the guy throwing the target

I, like most gun advocates believe mental health should be addressed when discussing gun ownership and from Obama’s delusional tendencies I believe Obama should not be near a gun.  As a matter of fact, I believe Obama’s rules for Marines protecting embassies should apply to his secret service–their guns should not have ammunition in them.  Loaded guns could be harmful to the President’s overall condition and you never know if he might break down and grab one of the guns and go “postal”.

Obama is not the only liberal who may be delusional.  Recently Sandra Fluke claimed that employers who do not want to give away conceptives may also refuse to allow blood transfusions and Leukemia treatments.  Hmmm, I know she is no where near sane.

Then we have the “low information voter” who will believe anything Obama or Sandra Fluke say.  With these people the fear is they are not competent enough to be relied on for almost anything and should also be evaluated before handing a gun to these people.

If you want to see an argument between a person who could be classified as a “low information voter (or just dangerously stupid) and a great gun advocate, watch this video:  Ted Nugent takes on Piers Morgan


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