By - February 15, 2013

NCAA To Make College Football, Flag Football

Obama has promised that NCAA football should be regulated by him, so as to avoid concussions.  Well, the NCAA has heard Obama and is acting.

Next college football season, an NCAA player who targets the head of a defenseless player could be ejected from the game.

On Wednesday, the NCAA Football Rules Committee unanimously approved a proposal that would tack on an ejection to the 15-yard penalty that comes with such hits.

According to the proposed rule, “if the penalty occurs in the first half, the player would be ejected for the remainder of the game. If the penalty occurs in the second half or overtime, the player is ejected for the remainder of the game and the first half of the next game.”

While I feel a purposeful helmet to helmet hit, in order to knock a player out (unconscious) should be penalized, I witnessed a large number of helmet to helmet calls that were actually bad calls.  I have seen one heck of a lot of absolutely horrible calls over the last couple of years pertaining to “head to head contact”. I do not have faith in the refs on the field being able to make that judgment call. Even if they review the play right after it happens to determine an ejection, they are always going to error on the side of precaution and people are going to be kicked out of games when they shouldn’t be. I would estimate 80% of the helmet to helmet calls were bad calls.  Either the player wasn’t aiming for the others helmet, hit the other with his shoulder pads or the other player lowered their head, therefore causing the hit.

At any rate this ruling gives the referees the power to be the “thought police”.  How do the referees know any player was actively trying to knock somebodies head off?  This is perfect for the liberals out there who would love to arrest people based upon what somebody thinks or believes.  I expect the libs to be ecstatic about this ruling, because football is just too violent anyway.  Remember Obama wouldn’t let his fictional son play football.  I guess that’s good news for Manti Te’o, he has no fictional competition.

Efforts need to be made to protect the players or the game is going to be destroyed because of it. BUT, this action is wrong. The NCAA will next debate whether college football should be flag football.


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