By - March 30, 2013

Medicare/Medicaid Reconsidering Sex Change Surgery

Obamacare has caused a huge decrease in reimbursements to doctors for various exams, tests, and surgeries.   These cuts are sure to result in fewer doctors, either through early retirements or decrease in numbers through med schools.

All this is to save money, that can be used to fund Obamacare, so why then is Medicare/Medicaid considering covering for sexual re-assignment surgery??  Ok, if I’m asking liberals to make sense, I have the problem.  Liberalism has no relationship to common sense or reality, I already know that.  They will just continue to spend money on their pet constituents while making the rest of us pay for their parties.

Here is the low down on the Medicare/Medicaid decision:

In response to a formal request from a transsexual woman, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced on March 28 that it has launched a formal “reconsideration” of its current refusal to cover surgical treatment for “gender identity disorder.”

CMS says it will consider all public comments, and it is particularly interested in clinical studies and other scientific information pertaining to transsexual surgery.

In case you are wondering, how much surgeries like this would cost you and me, here are the numbers: For a male to female the cost range is from $7,000 to $24,000.  I’m sure the cheapest figure is for men like John Boehner who are already missing their testicles.  The figure to go from a female to male with an adadiktomy (pronounced: add/a/dick/to/me) surgery, is around $50,000.

The possibility of adding this surgery to an entitlement that is already cash strapped and reducing reimbursements,  makes all the sense in the world, right?

Perhaps the decision makers at Medicare/Medicaid are getting their wisdom from the following preacher, who suggests Jesus was wrong about gay marriage.

“If Jesus were alive today, he would be more inclined to say, ‘you know, I didn’t know it all…'” – Rev. Oliver White, Sean HannityShow, March 27, 2013

Reverend (If you can say that after the above declaration) White continued to say that he did not believe the definition of marriage that Jesus spelled out in the Bible is correct.

I’m sure God (Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity, therefore he is God) is relieved to know that Rev. White would forgive him for making such a mistake.  It’s good to have mere mortals around to remind God, he is wrong!  Need I say anymore about Rev. Wright?  I would stay as far away from Rev. Wright as I could, I’m not fond of getting hit by lightning.

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