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Obama The Great Illusionist

David Cooperfield, arguably one of the greatest illusionists in modern times (Houdini was the greatest of all time), could make people believe the impossible.  Cooperfield could make a 747 disappear before your very eyes, at least that is how it looked on TV.  Most illusionist depend on inside help.  Cooperfield’s great disappearing routines needed the help of a willing audience and the TV network.  In order to make a plane disappear Cooperfield would create a distraction for the TV audience all while the TV cameras shifted their focus by just a small angle to show a tarmac with no plane on it, when in fact the plane was just barely out of camera shot.  The network and the audience were in on the illusion.

Obama the illusionist is no different.  Obama’s greatest illusion was to make his part in a dismal economy disappear.  The election of 2012 was among the greatest political illusions ever.  The economy was in the tank, with the real unemployment rate at 14% and the U-3 number at a paltry 7.7% the same number as when Obama took office, but with millions more having dropped out of the job hunt altogether.  Obamacare was causing rising insurance premiums and there was (and still is) an all out war with Catholics and Christians. Fast & Furious was still being investigated and the debacle in Benghazi was heating up in Washington.

With all the news that dogged Obama, he escaped what normally is a death trap.  How did he do it?  The same way all illusionist do, with a lot of help.  With just a slight switch in the camera angle all those problems simply disappeared from the camera view.  There was always something else to put on the screen, a storm here, a hurricane there and viola, no problems were seen within the Obama administration.

The economy was the real trick.  As Rush Limbaugh has pointed out for months now, Obama used a simple trick to pull this off.  Obama has been and continues to campaign–not lead, but campaign.  He is campaigning against his own ideas, making his messes look like republican messes and when he has the media to help pull off the illusion, he has been able to pull it off, flawlessly.

Last week I read in the local paper in the editorials one reader who wrote in, and I am paraphrasing:

With the economy in a mess, people losing their jobs, rising gas and grocery prices, where are the republicans?

Not one mention of where is Obama, not one mention of where are the senate democrats.  The republicans have just one house in a system that needs all three to come to some agreement to get things passed.  Is it the republicans fault nothing gets by the democrat controlled senate?  Boehner has given the President everything he has wanted on past continued resolutions, and then the President added more demands.  Boehner gave Obama increased taxes on the wealthy, but Obama continues to move the goal post and demand more.  While doing that Obama and the media make it appear as if the republicans are standing in the way of any progress, when Obama has designed it that way.  Obama can not afford to have anything positive happen right now, not if he wants to take the House in 2014.  He has to make it appear as though the House republicans are getting in the way of all things good.  This is where the sequester comes in.  Obama was going to make the sequester happen no matter what.  Before January 1st the republicans gave into Obama’s demands for increased taxes so they could push the sequester down the road.  The mistake the republicans made was they believed taxes would then be taken off the table for future debates.  I wrote in January about how big a mistake that was and it turned out as such.  Now we have the sequester upon us, because Obama moved the goal post, so he could cause pain and blame it on the republicans and with the willing media he may be able to pull it off.  Look at what people are asking, “where are the republicans?”  Nobody expects the democrats to do anything, it’s always the fault of the republicans.

Obama has been so successful with his illusions, the 51% of the people who Rush Limbaugh calls “Low Information Voters” have been turned into the Eloi from H.G. Wells’ Time Machine.

The Time Machine finds a scientist from the late 1800’s traveling into the distant future to find the people “Eloi” completely happy and content, because they are completely taken care of, feed, sheltered and clothed by the Morlocks.  The twist is, the Morlocks call the Eloi in every so often so as to feed themselves, on the Eloi.  Rod Taylor, the actor playing the 19th century scientist trys in vain for the most part to get the Eloi to see what is happening, but they are so happy being taken care of, they don’t care about the sinister reason for the good will of the Morlocks.

Obama and the media have turned a majority of Americans into the Eloi, only caring that they have a phone, food and housing.  Ever two years these people are called in to feed the monster and keep it powerful and ominous.  These people don’t care that their freedoms and liberties are being completely devoured by the Morlocks (Obama and his minions).

In the movie Rod Taylor does finally succeed and saves the girl he loves.  Where is our Rod Taylor now?  Who will go in and save the girl he loves…Lady Liberty.

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