By - March 1, 2013

Public School’s War On Thought

A quote from Hitler appears to be motive for the liberals and their friends in the public schools:

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future

The public school system has been the main source for the burgeoning liberal ideology to date.  Liberals have been successful at turning morals on their heads when it comes to all subjects related to sex.  Be it promiscuity, abortion or gay marriage the public school system has been the leader in the degradation of the moral background that is the backbone of a civil society.

Liberals have been so successful in all their endevours with the youth, now I believe they are focusing with all their firepower on their next foe….Guns.

We have heard all the stories about the various school youth who are getting suspended for such heinous acts as to point a finger at a friend and say “Bang”, or the case of the 5 year old who was being suspended for pointing a Hello Kitty bubble gun at another student.

The latest case comes from the small town of Genoa, IL.   Fourteen year old Michael McIntyre was ordered by his teacher to remove his US Marines T-shirt.  The student was told that the shirt violated the schools dress code.  It was apparent to Michael’s father that the real reason for the demand was that the shirt had two intersecting guns (M-16 automatic rifles) on it.

Fortunately, in this case the school superintendent is in full support of the student.  Superintendent Joe Burgess stated the shirt in no way violates the dress code and the shirt is not a violent representation but rather a long standing symbol of the Marines. 

Even though clearer heads prevailed in this district, in many others, anti-gun fanaticism rules the roost.  Most of this, I believe, is to “brain-wash” (in the words of Attorney General Eric Holder) the young generation into hating all guns, thus enabling the liberals to severely restrict or completely eliminate the 2nd amendment.

It’s easy to make those predictions when the video serves as my smoking gun!

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