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7 Yr Old Walk-On Scores Nebraska’s Final Touchdown

I have been highlighting Universities that don’t exactly set the example for morality and standards for other institutions in this wonderful country.  Now is my chance to do the opposite.  I am going to highlight a great moment in college history, the event occurred yesterday April 6, 2013.

April 6th was the date on the University of Nebraska’s annual red-white spring scrimmage/game.  As I was driving home from my job, I remembered the Spring Game was on the radio and the first play I heard was a play that will live in my memory forever.

I got home and described the play to my 15 year old son, a rabid Husker fan who knows all the players.  I told him a new I-back, Jack Hoffman had been put in the game and scored on a 69 yard run.  My son had heard a little bit about the run but didn’t pay a lot of attention, his first question was, “who is Jack Hoffman, is he a walk-on?”  To that I answered, “Yes!”  Yes, Jack is a walk-on, not in the football sense, but he first walked-on to Rex Burkhead’s heart (Burkhead was Nebraska senior running back last year, nicknamed Superman for a very good reason) over a year ago.  Rex found out Jack was suffering from brain cancer and immediately adopted his fight and cause as his own.  Through Rex, Jack became very close to the Nebraska football team and then the entire state.  You see, Jack walked into all our hearts and then yesterday, he walked into the hearts of the nation, with the help of a great football team.

The radio play-by-play is included in the video.  The color commentary that didn’t make it into the video started before the video in which Matt Davidson (color commentary) described the new I-back that was getting inserted into the game:  “We have a new I-back entering, he’s a little smaller in stature than any other I-back”, from there the video picks up the audio.

It is heart warming to be able to tell a story about a University and a sports team that did things the “right” way, and Nebraska accomplished that in their Spring Game.

Here’s to Jack Hoffman, the most loved walk-0n, maybe in the nation.  Keep walking-on, No keep running on and scoring in life and beat that cancer!

Can’t end this without a……GO BIG RED!!!

If you want to check out more about childhood cancer and Jack Hoffman click here at  TEAM JACK. Also check out the Nebraska football team’s charity to help these kids: Uplifting Athletes.

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