By - April 13, 2013

Main Stream Media Is Racist

We have all known for a long time, the main stream media is liberal even socialist, but I truly believe the MSM is racist!  When you look at the evidence I think it is obvious.  Sure the media cheers for, even covers up for Obama and they praise black sports figures and even laud some over other sports figures (until they show they think for themselves, i.e. Robert Griffin III).  I summit this is all to make them feel better about their racism.  I mean just look at how the  MSM treats black conservatives.  They are called Uncle Tom’s and tokens to make conservatives feel better about their racism.  I believe they doth protest too much to hide their racism.

I shall give you my proof.

Have any of you heard about Dr. Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia, PA?  Why is he important?  He is on trial for murdering infants.  Dr. Gosnell is an abortion doctor who has been known to abort babies well beyond the allowed gestation period for an abortion, which is 24 weeks, beyond that is the third trimester.  He also has been reported to slice the spinal cords of these babies after they have been forcefully delivered, in order to kill them (finish the abortion).  Many of these babies are to a point in their gestation, they could survive given the proper care.

The descriptions given by many employees and nurses that have worked with Dr. Gosnell are truly sickening and extremely horrific.

Why is this an example of racism?  Well, have you heard much about this?  Of course not.  If not for the local Philadelphia news along with Fox News and conservative talk radio this case wouldn’t have been heard from.  For proof of this I posted a picture of the seats saved at the trial for the national media.

The seats are pretty empty, but how does this prove racism?  Did I mention all the mothers and babies are black.  Yes, Dr. Gosnell has been performing acts that only a Hollywood horror producer could come up with, on black victims and the main stream media is silent.  Would they be silent if all these babies belonged to good looking white mothers?

We have heard nearly everyday about the victims and parents of the Sandy Hook massacre, which was indeed horrific, but how many times has the MSM talked about the hundreds of young black murder victims in Chicago?  How many black children died at Sandy Hook?

I know the President has been pushing the Sandy Hook narrative, but what of his back yard?  Is Obama totally oblivious to the plight of young black children in Chicago?  Illinois and Chicago have some of the toughest gun laws on the books, yet hundreds of disadvantaged black youth are getting gunned down in Chicago without a peep from the national media.  But this narrative doesn’t help push gun control of AR-15’s, because the killings in Chicago are mostly from gang members use of handguns.  Guns I might add the government will never be able to control.

Yes, the media does highlight some in the black community, for a feel good story, but when it comes to stories that may move people to cry out for change, well, when there are democrats in power the media is silent.  Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of Chicago and abortion is the sacrament that the left celebrates.  These are pillars of the democrat party that can not be touched, so the black community is a useful tool when necessary for the media, but the lives of black youth doesn’t trump the need to keep the democrats and abortion looking good.  The media’s lies through omission would suggest a deep seated racism and they refuse to help save the lives of these many young black children.

The mainstream media is just a propaganda wing of the democrat party now, not unlike Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda wing for Hitler.  Hitler made the Jews his useful tool while hiding the hideous truth, today’s media is doing the same thing to the black community.

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