By - April 30, 2013

Syria: Are You Serious?

At this point in history, I’d say the US is experienced in conflicts within Muslim countries.  We did need to go into Afghanistan and kick some Taliban butt (and did a good job of it, until they escaped into Pakistan), then we entered Iraq.  A lot of people say it was a bad decision, I will say it was the necessary decision at the time.  I can just see a number of people having seizures at their computer right now, so hear me out.  We had just chased al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan, not defeated them, we could have either invaded Pakistan (a country who is supposedly an ally, but had done nothing “wrong” at this point in history), declared complete victory and pulled completely out of the region leaving al-Qaeda time to plan another 9-11 or we could have found another front for the War on Terror.  Enter Iraq and Hussein, who conveniently was trying to shoot down our fighter planes, was funding terror groups and was in complete violation of all the UN resolutions.  For good or bad we had our new front for the war on terror.  Iraq is working out better after the Bush plan ended the conflict there, than Afghanistan is going for us now.

That brings in the new conflicts.  First there was Egypt, a complete misread (I hope, or Obama is a completely dangerous) which is under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood is installing Sharia law, which is not friendly to women or religions other than Islam and is well known to be parent group from which al-Qaeda was spawned.  Oh yeah, the Obama administration keep sending these guys F-15 fighter jets during the sequestration to boot.

Now we have Syria.

The news is all a blaze about the use of chemical weapons and who used them.  Obama did promise, any use of chemical weapons would cross a virtual “red line”.   The mainstream press is sure Assad is the culprit, but I have learned to never believe the MSM, they will spin a story to their own benefit.  What if it was Assad who used the chemical weapons?  What do we do then?

Yes, the Syrian president is a dictator and ruthless.  That is on one side of the conflict, on the other side are the rebels, who have been getting their weapons from the Obama administration.  Who are the rebels?  Mostly they are either a part of al-Qaeda or sympathize with al-Qaeda.

If Obama decides to get more involved in Syria because Assad used chemical weapons against the rebels (remember they are mostly al-Qaeda), then what is Obama’s ultimate goal?  Is he hoping for a peaceful, loving country if al-Qaeda gets control of Syria?  That kind of thinking has not really worked out well for Egypt.  The Brotherhood makes constant threats to Israel and is getting real cozy with Iran.  Call me crazy, but that doesn’t look like a winning strategy for America.  Is it bad to use chemical weapons on al-Qaeda and their sympathizers?

Basically, is Syria worth spilling one drop of blood from our precious fighting men and women, who have already given so much?  Iraq may end up a success story, of sorts, but I doubt Afghanistan will especially with an administration that is not committed to winning the conflict in Afghanistan.  The Rules of Engagement are so restrictive, our military basically can’t do anything until after they have been killed, then they can shoot back.

What would we be fighting for?  If we get more involved and Assad wins, we have teed him off, royally.  He will not be a friend of ours anymore.  If the rebels win….well, they will thank us…then blow us up!  This is truly a Lose-Lose situation.

My suggestion: Get as far away from Syria as we can.  Get out completely.   That country is a cluster $#@% and getting involved further is to guarantee disaster.

Egypt should have taught the US something.  Sometimes a dictator is what is needed to keep some very bad guys under control.  It took a long time for me to realize that, but I now feel, maybe Assad is exactly what Syria and the world needs…A ruthless dictator to control the ruthless murderous Islamic terrorists.

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