By - May 7, 2013

What’s So Bad About China?

OK, China is a murderous communist state, but when looking at some aspects of China’s government I can’t help thinking I am looking into a mirror.

During the election, Donald Trump made an impassioned request to hold China’s feet to the fire when it came to currency manipulation.  It is true that China does seriously manipulate their currency, to the point one would believe their house of cards will come tumbling down any time now.  Then I look in the mirror at the reflection and I see the Obama administration doing the same thing.  Timothy Geithner (a tax cheat) has been very loose with the Quantitative Easing, going through 3 in Obama’s first term.  The manipulation with the  Q.E.’s is having the government buy their own bonds, with borrowed money.  Most other country have lost confidence in the US dollar  so they have not been investing in US backed bonds, which allows the government to continue to borrow money at low interest rates.  Geithner has been throwing $ billions (of borrowed money mostly from China) into the three quantitative easings in which the Treasury Department is buying it’s own bonds.  It’s all about paying the piper, much later (like after Obama is gone from government).

Question: What will happen when a China’s financial chicken’s come home to roost, especially when they hold a majority of the US bonds?  Obama can’t afford China’s financial difficulties, just as China can’t afford ours.  It’s like having two criminals depend on each other…do you really want to depend on a criminal, especially when you are guilty too?

As if our financial house of cards isn’t bad enough, there is one more even more diabolical similarity between the Obama administration and China.

China has long been in violation of religious freedom and human rights, nobody questions that, but does anybody remember Obama has his own political prisoner?

Benghazi is finally in the eye of the MSM asking what really happened.  By the way, welcome to the party MSM, really late but still welcome.  We are finding out all kinds of information, like what really caused the attack.

You might be surprised to find, nobody in any part of intelligence or counter-terrorism ever believed the attack was anything other than a well planned terror attack.  You know what that means?  The attack did not happen because some independent person made a film (and a poorly made one at that from what I understand) critical of Islam.

That person was arrested by the Justice Department (for reasons I’m sure China will use with their next political prisoner) and sits in jail to this day.  This author is being used by the Obama administration as a scape-goat  to hide the fact the State Department and maybe Obama himself, left those in Benghazi to be slaughtered without doing anything prior to or during to help these American citizens.

Even though the truth is filtering out, the Obama administration is happy to leave this innocent US citizen (and bad film maker) to rot in jail.  This is the definition of a political prisoner.

When we point a finger at China, just remember there are three fingers pointing back at US.

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