By - June 27, 2013

Fallout From SCOTUS Rulings

I had fully expected SCOTUS to overturn DOMA, even though the feeling during the Obamacare rulings was that the country gets the Congress and laws they vote for.  This obviously does not apply to DOMA, which unlike the Obamacare law DOMA was a huge bipartisan law, garnering most every vote in the House and Senate.

I didn’t expect the reasoning for the strike down of DOMA.  In the majority ruling Anthony Kennedy had basically stated he was striking down DOMA because the only reason it was ever passed was to stick it to gay people.  Kennedy’s opinion is a pompous, arrogant and wrongheaded opinion, but it is an opinion that precisely because it is in writing will be an opinion that will haunt all 38 states that currently do not allow or have gay marriage on their books.

I did figure the court would uphold Prop 8 therefore protecting all states and federalism at the same time.  The court punted on Prop 8 therefore guaranteeing law suits in nearly all 38 states without gay marriage.

I now predict that within a year lawsuits will begin against some of these 38 states, probably starting with Texas (It is the one state democrats are feverously working to turn blue).  The following court decision will be important.  Gay rights activists will use Justice Kennedy’s remarks in every court case using his words to prove gay marriage is a civil right and any state that resist gay marriage is guilty of suppressing civil rights.  Move over Selma, we will have a new civil rights epicenter soon.

It is easy to predict this given the comments made by President Obama in relation to the rulings:  Mr. Obama stated, “If a person is married in Massachusetts then they should be recognized in other state they come to reside in.  That is just my opinion, but the lawyers are looking into it.”

No need to read anything into that.  The Obama administration is actively trying to figure out how to overturn state’s constitutions defining marriage in a traditional manner and the courts are the answer.  This will be the fight up until the next Presidential election.

The devil (I mean that literally) in the details here is gay marriage is a means to an end.  That end?  Ending religion and morality as we know it.  I had once written Obama is a Muslim, but I no longer believe that.  I believe Obama is a closet atheist and an activist atheist at that.  He entire goal is to bury the Catholic church and all other orthodox religions with it.  The only religion should be a religion that honors government and the blessings it can bestow on it’s citizens.  As long as these orthodox Christian and Catholic churches exist, the government can’t get full control of it’s citizens.

Here is the game plan.  Get gay rights activists to sue states to allow gay marriage, get all state constitutional marriage definitions reversed, then sue Catholic and Christian churches that refuse to perform gay marriage.  It’s a civil rights issue after all.  This is the tool that will be used to gain full governmental control over all religions.  We know from recent history that Obama does not like the Catholic church.  This plan will not be a difficult plan to initiate.  A slight majority of those who identify as Catholics still voted for Obama in 2012, in the midst of his attack on the Church, so there’s no real risk in going full speed ahead with this plan.

This future has had it’s path paved by the simple decisions made by SCOTUS and the majority opinion written by Anthony Kennedy.  SCOTUS has once again become the tool to which this country will be torn apart.  These “Men in Black” are not fighting aliens, they are fighting the Constitution and America.



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