By - June 7, 2013

NSA Seizing Your Phone Records

Is the Obama administration and the NSA seizing your phone records?  Normally I would have said no.  The precursor to this possible violation of right of privacy has it’s origins in the Patriot Act.  At the time of it’s passage,  I was for the Patriot Act and it has resulted in the apprehension of terrorist in our backyards.  I always figured the NSA was trolling for key words in the cellular atmosphere and originally that all the NSA was doing, honing in on key words that could add up to something bigger.  Key words, at the time being words like, “bomb”, “jihad”, “al-Qeada” or “Osama bin Laden”.  Those words had to be linked to threatening conversations that the NSA would track.  I always believed my conversations to be exceedingly boring and not interesting enough to cause any attention and I have never had to worry….that I know of.

In this time, with this President, I now worry that maybe I could be targeted.  This is the President/Administration that is under the microscope for abuses against conservative groups by the IRS.  If it isn’t the IRS targeting you, maybe Eric Holder’s DoJ will consider you an unindicted  co-conspirator as they did James Rosen of Fox News and probably many other real journalists.  There may also be evidence the EPA has singled out conservative groups or individuals for over zealous investigations. Now Obama is seizing the phone records from Verizon, apparently without any key words being uttered.

I haven’t worried about the NSA in the past, but now?  With all that is coming out revealing the egregious tyrannical attempts to subjugate any conservative groups, I now worry about those “key” words.  Have the “key” words been changed to “Tea Party”, “conservatives”, “Rush Limbaugh”,”Freedom” or even “Ronald Reagan”?  Obviously the “key” words are no longer what they used to be, or the Obama administration and the State Department are complete morons for letting the Boston bombers continue to live in this country, on our welfare system.  Russia tried to warn the Obama administration  but it’s hard to chase Islamic terrorist when your concentrating on getting all those conservatives.

The enemy is now us...conservatives!

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