By - July 18, 2013

Trayvon Martin’s Legacy: Divided Races

I was not going to write anything about the Zimmerman court case.  I was certain that the black community, as a majority, would be calm and not riot.  I am correct in that assertion, a great majority of those in the black community are rightly more concerned about God, family and country, yet there are some despicable race baiters out there trying to cause a race riot.

Singers and Hollywood idiots are eagerly spouting off about what they feel about this racist country and how Zimmerman should die a horrible death.  These morons are joined by the US Attorney General, who instead of trying to calm crowds, Holder seeks to inflame the crowds by questioning a purely legal law, Stand Your Ground Law.

It seems none of these colossal examples of stupidity actually kept up with even the slightest events from within the courtroom, during the Zimmerman trial.  If they had they would have found that almost every one of the prosecutions witnesses seemed to support Zimmerman’s story.  The prosecution’s “star” witness was found to have lied under oath, when she claimed she was in the hospital on the day of Trayvon’s funeral.  Of course it was also found that Rachel Jeantel also didn’t write the note she claimed she wrote for Trayvon’s mother.  Ms. Jeantel couldn’t even read the letter that she claimed she wrote, saying “I don’t read cursive very well”.

The entire case against Zimmerman was thinner than a runway model and had more holes than a young black kid in the middle of Chicago after a gang shooting, but that doesn’t matter to CNN and MSNBC (to include the young black kid killed in Chicago) as they try to make Ms. Jeantel a star with interviews from such hard hitters as Piers Morgan:

RACHEL JEANTEL, FRIEND OF TRAYVON: Well, the jury, they see their facts. My thoughts of the jury, they old, that’s old school people. We in a new school, our generation, my generation. So —

Apparently the “new” generation has no use for the Law or education, even though Ms. Jeantel claims she has a 3.0 GPA.  I actually believe she has a 3.0 GPA, it’s just proves what a sham her school district is.  Reading, writing and grammar are obviously not on the curriculum at her school.

Rachel’s statement does nail the problem though in so many ways.  Black youths in a number of communities are not taught useful things in school, but do learn that they are a different generation and an entitled group.  Rachel’s generation is learning that they don’t have to do anything to obtain stuff in their lives.  With welfare a person can get a large screen TV, housing, food (better food than working class families) and free phones with service.  So many of these young kids are learning they can get anything they want immediately from the government, without doing anything to deserve their swag.  Why would they then not understand the rule of law, and get mad when they don’t get what they want, that being: watching a creepy ass cracker hang.

Older generations don’t help when you get Baptist Church’s that create church boards which read:

It is safe to kill black people in Amerikkka

Black community leaders like this end up spawning actions such as, three black men beat a jogger in retaliation for the Zimmerman verdict, or you get a mob blocking a highway preventing a mother and grandmother from getting a sick little girl to the hospital.  When the grandmother rolled down her window to ask if they could pass through, one of the protesters punched her in the face.  There are many other examples of violence perpetrated against Hispanic’s or crackers as retribution for the Zimmerman trial.  So it actually seems, it’s safe to be a black person who assaults anybody else.

Do you remember white honky crackers rioting after the O.J. Simpson trial?  No!  Yet most white people believe O.J. killed those two victims.  Why no riots then?  One reason is because most white crackers believe the jury got it right!  Marsha Clark (the prosecution) did not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that O.J. was guilty.  Maybe she was incompetent, but in the end that didn’t matter.  The jury ruled correctly.

The Zimmerman trial was no where near the O.J. trial.  There was no compelling evidence that Zimmerman did anything other than try to protect his own life.  This case was a slam dunk for the jury, they couldn’t have come up with any other verdict and have been true to the rule of law.

What does this say about those in the black community who do harm to others, because something didn’t go their way?  What does it say about black community leaders who say and write things that insight harmful actions?

If Martin Luther King were alive today, I am convinced he would be crying over the destruction of his dream.  MLK dreamed of  a color blind society, one in which all men were treated equally based on their work and merit.  What do we have in Sanford FL?  We have a black man who was killed by a “white” man (even though George Zimmerman is half Hispanic).  That is how the media and race baiters are painting it.  It was not one man unfortunately killed another man for fear of his life.  For Martin Luther’s dream to be realized, we would not have the black community leaders race baiting, we would not have a near 75% single mother problem and a much smaller percentage of Afro-Americans would be dependent on the government.  For the dream to realized, we wouldn’t even have Afro-Americans, we all be AMERICANS equal under the law.

I suggest we start trying to fulfill Dr. King’s dream.  Let’s see calm in the streets.  Let’s see the urban black community strive to make their lives better.  Stop the gangs, stop the violence!  Zimmerman was tried and acquitted fairly by a jury of his peers.  The only racism in this unfortunate event, was after the original event.  Race peddlers and the media turned it into something it wasn’t.  It wasn’t racial, it was Unfortunate.

I dream of a color blind society.

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