By - August 18, 2013

Muslim Beheads Christians, In New Jersey!

I’m sure everybody has heard about the beheading that occurred in New Jersey,…. right?  Is that crickets I hear?  Oh yeah, the press has been more focused on the non-racial, racial Travyon Martin case.  A case where a young black man nearly beat another man (who was half white) to death before getting shot in self defense.  This of course is racial and worthy of hours and hours of air time on every news station.

What about the two Coptic Christian men, who were beheaded and had their hands cut off, by a Muslim in New Jersey?  Do they not deserve even greater attention?  How often do people get beheaded in America?  I would even guess that is unusual for Chicago or Detroit.  The story is below:

Hmmm, they don’t know why this young Muslim man would murder two Coptic Christians?  I think I have an idea as to why….might it be because they were Christians and the murderer is Muslim?  Just a guess.

Notice this video is from February!  Nobody has heard a thing about this.  Maybe if they had looked like Obama’s son, if he had a son; you know, looked like a dope smoking, gangster wannabe  who liked to call white people “creepy ass crackers”, then maybe they would have gotten some attention.  As it is, the victims were God fearing, Jesus loving, peaceful people, who apparently don’t deserve any press time at all.

Maybe these peace loving men didn’t get any attention, because their murderer is Muslim and the main stream press will do anything it can to cover up Muslim crimes.  The MSM is trying to find ways to make the Boston Bombers crazy conservatives.

We have finally traveled back in time to a place in the Bible where Christian persecutions are a normal event.

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