By - August 5, 2013

RNC Wrong In So Many Ways

I have not been a fan of the RNC for a long time.  This establishment serves only the Rockefeller republicans, those who are rich and don’t really care about anybody but themselves and their seat in Congress or the House.  Just ask Michelle Bachmann about the tepid support she gets from the RNC.

It’s bad enough to have to fight the democrats on policy, but lately conservative republicans have had to fight the RNC as well.   A great example of this is the Immigration bill.  If not for a national outcry the establishment House republicans would have passed that piece of manure of a bill ASAP.  As it is Boehner will try to worm that through the House one way or the other.  I also wonder if the RNC really opposes Obamacare.  Yeah, they pay lip serve to getting rid of it, voting 40 times to scrap Obamacare in the House when they know there is no way in hell Harry Reid will ever bring that up for a vote in the Senate.  When the House has a chance to really do something about Obamacare, like defunding it, Boehner folds like a cheap folding chair.  Even when there is an option to fund the government but defund Obamacare, Boehner still folds and he is supported whole-heartedly by the RNC and their allies like Karl Rove.

The latest act from the RNC is just plain stupid!  The RNC  is threatening to pull the Republican debates from CNN and NBC.  That’s not the stupid part, I would have pulled any chance of CNN from hosting the debates just based off the stunt Candy Crowley pulled in the Presidential debates.  I would never allow or agree to have CNN be part of any other debate simply based on that reason.  I would not allow NBC to host it based off their journalistic malpractice by editing videos to give it a completely different, more sinister meaning.

Why then is the RNC threatening CNN and NBC?  Because they are going to air a lovumentary (documentary) on Hillary Clinton.  OK RNC let’s start acting like the liberals-I guess they already do to some degree anyway.

This is just stupid!  Let CNN have their love-in with Hillary.  Do we expect anything else from them?  By the way Reince (RNC chairman), NBC apparently doesn’t have anything to do with this film of CNN’s.  That’s not to say NBC won’t be hyping the heck out of it.

Reince don’t look like a spoiled two year old.  If you are going to make a statement, make it about CNN and NBC’s lack of true journalism, don’t throw fits about a program that will likely get less than 10 viewers (the total of CNN’s normal audience).

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