By - August 23, 2013

Should Affleck Be The New Batman?

The biggest news of the day isn’t how Obama is mishandling the situation in Syria (which given how Obama handles things, it’s best we stay clear of Syria) or even how young black men have beaten a white WWII vet to death, because of the Trayvon Martin decision (more on this in a following post).  No, the big news today is….Ben Affleck will be the new Batman in the upcoming Superman v Batman movie.

The social media is a blaze with people upset over this decision.  I will admit I was not excited by the announcement, but I am open minded.  Yes, I know Ben is a liberal, but who isn’t in Hollywood?  Affleck has been in a superhero movie and it was a disaster.  Yes, Daredevil was a disaster, but the entire screenplay was a disaster.  I don’t put the blame for that horribly failed movie at the feet of Affleck.  Haley Berry couldn’t do anything to save her worst movie….Catwoman and that movie still stinks like a skunk.

Now let me look at this from another view.  If Ben plays Batman with the same attitude he had in Argo he could pull this off.  If you haven’t seen Argo, I recommend it.  Ben plays a CIA agent tasked with getting stranded Americans out of Iran during the Iran hostage situation.  In his role he played his character as a stone faced, confident, smart CIA agent and he played that part very well.  The characteristics Ben took on for that role are the same characteristics that should be used as Batman.

It is always hard to step into the shoes of a character after it was played so well by another actor.  Christian Bale did play Batman well, but part of it was Bale the other part was screenplay.  The last Batman movie was the worst of the Bale trilogy, because the script was poor, playing Batman as a weak, old man who apparently forgot he is the greatest detective of all time.  Bale’s Batman was taken by surprise too many times in the final movie to be believed as the smartest superhero.  So a good or great script will be a huge help to the Superman v Batman movie.

Speaking of the Bale movies, most of us will agree The Dark Knight was the greatest superhero movie ever and Heath Ledger was and will always be the greatest Joker of all time.  Remember though how it was received when Ledger was announced as the actor set to play the Joker?  Most people could not believe somebody who played a gay cowboy could ever be a good Joker.  Most people swore they would never go see The Dark Knight because Ledger was playing the Joker.  People wanted other actors like Johnny Depp to play the Joker.  Can you image Depp as the Joker?  Depp is real good at one thing….playing Jack Sparrow.  Depp is so good at being Sparrow he plays ALL his characters as Jack Sparrow, that is one big reason The Lone Ranger was a huge flop.  Jack Sparrow as Tonto was painful!  Warner Bros obviously made the correct decision with Ledger’s casting, which is not to say the WB is perfect with their choices.

The question now remains, will Ben Affleck as Batman be casting genius as Heath Ledger was, or a horrible disaster as Johnny Depp in the Lone Ranger?  Time will tell, but until then let’s keep an open mind.




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