By - September 14, 2013

Two Sides Of A Musical Coin

We have all been subjected to the antics of Miley Cyrus lately.  There of course was the obscene VMA performance and now her latest video…Wrecking Ball.  The video is collection of twisted sexually suggestive acts like this one where she appears to be french kissing a sledge hammer. 

I’m betting that the hammer was less than fulfilling.

This would not be  topped by Miley’s nude ride on top of a wrecking ball.  I do believe this video is symbolic of her life and morals….a complete wreck.

I will only post pictures and will not embed the video because Miley’s video has been getting way too much attention so far.

We would expect superdad… Billy Ray to softly remind his daughter that looking like a whore is not ultimately good for a reputation or the name of the family, but Mullet man had a different outlook on this disaster of a daughter:

“I’m a song man. A musician singer songwriter who loves all styles of music. But again … I come from the old school where it starts with an artist and a song … colliding if you will … in a moment where the song, the singer, the producer, the band and the listener become one. It wouldn’t have mattered if Miley would have worn jeans and a flannel shirt … a Tux … or a nun’s habit. The song’s a smash … and her performance vocally on the tune reflects her roots and sheer God given talent,”

It does appear we are seeing something God given….her naked body.  Who really has heard the song?  If you are watching the video, I dare say you are not hearing the song.  For Billy Ray though, this is all about him remaining relevant and continuing to make money, more than it is about actually being a dad.

Having said my peace about a girl who appears to selling herself as a piece, I will turn to the other side of the coin.  Billy Ray needs to watch the following video, because this 13 year old girl I am now writing about is what Billy Ray was trying to sell his daughter as.  The following 13 year old is so vocally talented, everybody gets draw into her voice and she becomes so much more than the girl caught in her handicapped body.

This is a girl I want everybody to see.  Rion Paige and Theresa Vail (Miss Kansas) are true heroes for young girls across the nation.  Rion proving that you are so much more than your body.  My daughter is 13 years old and I am using Rion as a role model for my daughter.  God forbid my daughter ever look to screwed up women like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga or Madonna as a role models.

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