By - October 1, 2013

Congratulations To Boehner, He Found His Manhood

I have been very hard on Speaker of the House John Boehner, in probably every post I have mentioned him.  Today is different (at least for now).  I completely expected Boehner to fold on the Continued Resolution, once sent back to the House, from the Senate.  I got a pleasant surprise.

The original CR bill was sent to the Senate and that bill de-funded Obamacare.  Once the House bill was voted on in the Senate, Harry Reid added funding for Obamacare back into the bill and against Senate rules only asking for a 51 vote majority to get it added on (usually requires a 60 vote threshold to add amendments to budgetary bills).  I will take exception to the Republican in the senate who voted for the CR, knowing full well Reid was going to pull the maneuver he evidentially pulled and one senator is from my own state…Sen. Mike Johanns.  Thanks for sticking up for Obama!  I will on the other hand give full appreciation and gratitude to my other senator, who shows she has the backbone that her male counterpart lacks.  Thank you to Sen. Deb Fischer for standing up for Nebraska and America.

After this, the next move was back in the laps of the House.  I completely expected Boehner to punt the CR and try this fight during the debt ceiling negotiations .  Of course I would have expected him to fold there too.  To my surprise, Boehner listened to the conservative base and sent the CR back to the Senate with a one year delay on the Individual Mandate and a repeal of the medical instrument tax (which no  republican favors this tax along with a lot of democrats as well).  The House CR protects the military as well.  Now the potential government shut down is in Harry Reid’s lap once again.  Will he get something together before midnight and send this back to the House, where the outcome is still in doubt?  If Reid doesn’t get anything accomplished today, how will it play when they try to blame the government shutdown on the republicans?  After all, it would be Reid’s doorstep that was last visited by this bill.

Right now there is a game of “Hot Potato” going on in Washington.  It appears the clock will run out while Reid has the potato in his hands, but will he be able to toss it over to Boehner before the timer goes off?  If the timer goes off while Reid has the potato, the press will declare Reid the winner anyway.  They will find a way to blame the republicans and will try to beat them up with tales of woe.  The republicans have to stay strong and remind the public and the press as to who dropped the potato.

UPDATE: John Boehner had the bill thrown back to him.  The House sent the bill back to the Senate funding Obamacare, but stripping the subsidies Congress and Senate get for their healthcare (making us, the taxpayers, pay for their healthcare and for the healthcare of their staff).  Remember Congressional members and Senators make around $175,000/yr, compared to what do you make?  Harry Reid killed the bill. Obviously the democrats are for Obamacare as long as they don’t pay for it.  You and I have to pay for ours and pay for theirs.  The Founders have to be crying as they watch these socialists, from above.

We will see how the press plays it from here.  Do they mention that Harry Reid rejected a bill funding Obamacare, only asking Washington to pay for their own insurance, or will they just beat up the republicans claiming they are at complete fault for the shutdown?

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