By - November 6, 2013

What Happened In Virginia?

The obvious answer to the title, is Terry McAuliffe won.  When a person digs just slightly deeper it isn’t as cut and dried as that.

McAuliffe won just 48 percent of the votes in Virginia to Cuccinelli’s 45 percent.  A close race by any perspective.  Things get interesting from there.  Robert Sarvis, a virtual nobody and self professed Libertarian  garnered about 6 percent of the vote.  Sarvis is interesting in and of himself.  His entire campaign was started and mostly funded by an Obama bundler.  The question then becomes: was Sarvis really a libertarian or just a democrat plant, who’s only goal was to siphon off votes from Cuccinelli?  Sarvis’ libertarian credentials were so suspect that Ron and Rand Paul went to Virginia to stump for the candidate who was the most libertarian…Cuccinelli.  Obama’s plan worked here though, 6 percent was just enough to give McAuliffe the win.  The sleaze doesn’t stop there though.

The Washington GOP (establishment) only spent $3 million in this race compared to $9 million in 2008.  On top of that, the $3 mil wasn’t specifically for Cuccinelli’s campaign.  This money was spread through time and candidates, so the RNC virtually left Cuccinelli to his own devices.  I have had my problems with the RNC, but now this means war! The RNC will not get one thin dime from me and I will now campaign in earnest against any establishment republican candidate, possibly even in the general election.  I will keep my republican registration so I can vote against incumbents in the primaries, and my vote is in the air for the generals.

Beyond the submarining of Cuccinelli by those that should be allies, the scariest stat from last nights election returns was the fact that 48 percent of Virginians actually voted for McAuliffe.  This is a man who did not hide who he is.  He straight up ran as a socialist.  He supported whole-heartedly Obamacare, he stumped for abortion on demand no matter the trimester.  McAuliffe is for abortion right up until the baby is born and if you ask him, he may be for born alive abortions as well.  McAuliffe ran a race without the mask, which most liberals would never do, just look at Obama who has lied about nearly everything.  How could the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, a state known for it’s fierce stand for freedom and liberty, clearly and soberly vote for tyranny?

I do hope Virginia is not an indication of the country as a whole, or this great experiment in representative democracy is done.  Virginians owe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, James Madison and all the other great leaders from that state a sincere apology because they just threw everything those men stood for into the toilet!

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