By - November 5, 2013

Where Is The Moral Compass Of These Mass Shooters?

Mass shootings and the following suicide seem all too common lately.  This makes me wonder, why do these people seems so distraught and evil that they would do such a thing?

It is no secret that much of the American public is wandering away from religion, resulting in a public that is largely agnostic.  Add to that all the families that do identify themselves as one religion or another, but only attend services on Christmas or Easter and you have millions of children literally growing up without a proper moral compass.

I looked into the largest mass shootings in America to find only one surprise.  Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter was Buddhist.  This is not to say that mass killers will not be people who would be listed as Christian, I will say mass killers will not be  deeply religious people though.

When I filtered out the Muslim whacks (which by Muslim definition these people are doing Allah’s bidding) I was left with:

Seung-Hui Cho, Virginia Tech shooter:  Cho was anti-Christian, hated his families strong religious ties

Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook: Although thought was brought up Catholic (families religion) evidence now shows he may have been a Satan worshipper

Robert Hawkins, Von Maur Omaha: Hawkins was a ward of the state, spending time in numerous group homes

Nidel Hasan: Muslim

James Holmes, Aurora CO: Muslim

Many other mass shooting seem to be related to family issues, or better termed the break down of the family and issues resulting from that.

Although this doesn’t represent a lot of mass shooting, once you eliminate the Muslims and family violence it doesn’t leave a lot of cases.

As I looked at most of the unexplained shootings in America, it seems a lot of them are perpetrated by young people who were brought up with a  lack faith.  Without a moral anchor these young people are left with moral absolutism.  This doesn’t give them a lot to hang onto during stressful times in life.  If there is no belief in an afterlife, what reason do these distraught young people have to look toward tomorrow.

These shootings are not perpetrated by the gun, or the Tea Party.  These criminals are raised and reared in a moral vacuum.



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