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Do The Atheists Know How Ironic Their Meeting Is?

man-icicleWhile scrolling through my Facebook homepage I came across a posted meeting, from a relative of mine, for atheists who believe in global warming.  The meetings name?

Public Meeting featuring “Religion and Climate Change Denial” with Greg Laden

The meeting appears to be about religion and obstensively how many people are still idiots believing in such things, then combined with those idiots who don’t believe in climate change.

I immediately thought; How interesting is this, atheists claim those of us who are religious are bumbling fools to believe in an ancient story about an all powerful being that created all we see.  We just are not brillant enough to realize we a following a childs’ story.  The flip side is to make fun of those of us who do not believe the stories perpetuated on us about the dangers of global warming, because we are just not brillant enough to believe those stories.

We now know that more scientists are admitting that the earth has not warmed at all in the last 12 years.  This is perplexing to them, because the CO2 levels are continuing to rise dramatically without a corresponding rise in planetary warming.  In the 70’s, scientists were successful in elimating CFC’s because it was “causing global warming”.  After the elimination of CFC’s we were still facing global warming, so now they blame CO2, which doesn’t appear to be causing a corresponding rise in the earths temperatures.  We also now know that 2013 will go down in history as the coldest winter in the history of America. I know that is just one area on this vast planet, but then we also found that Antarctic ice has increased in thickness by 29% and the Arctic snow pack increased by 60% when comparing 2012 to 2013.

It appears to me, to be a global warming believer you must have faith!  Yes, you must have faith that what you believe is true, in the face of distractors and evidence, a global warming believer is a “Faith Believer”.  This seems ironic, considering these same atheists are making fun of Religious Faith Believers.  We may not be able to prove to atheists that God exists, but they can not prove he doesn’t exist.  The difference is we can prove global warming does not exist.  Global Warming Atheists aren’t truly atheists at all.  No, they have faith, faith in global warming, faith in mother nature.  Global Warming Atheists are actually part of a Religion!  It is ironic that they will make fun of the religious for believing a “story”, when the truth is they are part of a religion that believes in a “story”.

Here is a little tidbit I picked up from that same post:

We had chosen Pizza Ranch, but it turns out that they are a super religious organization. Their vision is “to glorify God by positively impacting the world.” We did consider that it would be fun to show up in our Minnesota Atheists T-Shirts, but since they have also supported a ban on same-sex marriages in Iowa and have been described as Chick-fil-A on steroids, we better not patronage this restaurant.

So instead, we will go to a different “Italian” restaurant, Olive Garden!

I did not realize that Pizza Ranch had any religious persuasions, but they are obviously Christian and live life as such. I am going to recommend to those readers who are in the Nebraska and Iowa areas, if you are thinking pizza, think Pizza Ranch.  They do have a good pizza buffet.  We need to patronize these brave companies, who aren’t afraid to live a Christian life.

I don’t think I would classify Pizza Ranch as Italian though.

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