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Nevada: A Case For The 2nd Amendment

rancherIt’s no secret; the left hates the 2nd amendment.  Progressives/liberals/communists will do anything to make the ownership of firearms appear as white trash and unnecessary.  Who needs firearms at this point in history when we have law enforcement that will protect us?  That is an argument easily defeated, but one in which, if you argue you are a Neanderthal.

What if it is the federal enforcement that is the threat?  I’m sure the founding fathers hoped the reasoning for the 2nd amendment would never be tested, but the Bureau of Land Management did just that in Nevada.

By now, most everybody has heard about the Nevada rancher who had to face down the feds/Bureau of Land Management, over a dispute about grazing land.  Was the dispute the fault of the rancher, Cliven Bundy or the federal government?  If you look at the facts, a person can see either side.  Mr. Bundy stopped paying grazing fees to the BLM in 1993, because “they (BLM) were no longer using his fees to help him and to improve. Instead they began using these [sic] money’s against the ranchers”.  Looking at a time line, I can agree with Mr. Bundy’s reasoning:

  • 1993: The Lake Mead National Recreation Area for the National Park Service reduce the number of cattle that could graze on the Bunkerville allotment “to 150 because of the emergency listing of the desert tortoise as an endangered species,” according to a formal agency official.
  • 1993: Bundy “fires” the BLM.
  • 1994: The Fish and Wildlife Service formally identifies Gold Butte as an area “critical to the long-term survival of the desert tortoise.”
  • 1994: Federal officials revoke Bundy’s grazing permit for failure to pay and failure to reduce the number of his cattle. The Bunkerville allotment is closed to grazing.
  • 1998: The Bureau of Land Management closes off the Gold Butte area to cattle.
  • 2013: The Bureau of Land Management announces plans to euthanize ”hundreds” of tortoises due to budget restrictions

The government was going to force a reduction in herd size to protect a tortoise, that apparently lived well and prospered to the point the BLM had to start killing the very tortoises they were protecting.

We have seen the EPA attempt to and in some cases successful take property away from citizens all in the name of saving some non-consequential bug, fish, or animal.  Who wouldn’t suspect the BLM of less than worthy intentions?

This entire event wound up with armed BLM agents facing down a couple private militias, who came in to help the Bundy’s with their situation.  It didn’t take long before the BLM pulled out, fearing the inevitability of harm or death.

Up until yesterday, I had always held a distant view of militias that exist within the states.  I usually held a jaded view due to some of the racist groups that were referred to as militias.  Now, I wonder: Are these militias exactly what we need to protect our rights from our own government?  Some people might think the militias were going too far, but there maybe evidence that Harry Reid may have been behind this attempted land grab.  There are suggestions that Dingy Harry may have wanted to turn that land into a solar panel farm.  The Blaze reports that the company who originally wanted land in Nevada for that purpose pulled out, but with Harry Reid always look for something up his sleeve.  I have no doubt he had a quid-pro-quo in mind.

This event had the potential of being a modern day Lexington.  The second amendment was drawn up to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government.  The founders may had a crystal ball showing them this very date in the future, because the 2nd amendment saved a rancher’s livelihood over the concern for a turtle or possibly a solar farm.

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